I Grew Up On A Street Made For Kevin Smith

This post is for Kevin Smith and his penchant for witty and punny titles, and Jason Mewes who is often the focus of said titles.

It feels like this came about in not a completely random way.  A few days ago I happened to have a chance to visit the neighbourhood that I grew up in.  I walked up my street and around the park behind my old house, showing the landmarks to my slightly interested daughter.  I used my iPhone to snap a few commemorative pics.

The next day I listened to Episode 12 of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.  Jason Mewes talks a lot about the neighbourhood he grew up in and some of the shenanigans he got up to, and while the stories in no way mirrored my own, it kept that feeling of nostalgia going for me.

Then I went back and looked at the pics I had taken and was dumbfounded that I had never before made the connection between the name of the street I grew up on and the real Jay and Silent Bob.

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Best Week Ever (for podcasts)

I am a little behind the times here but with the insane amount of show shoveling I had to do yesterday I was able to blast through the bulk of last week’s podcasts, and I must say that it was a strong week indeed.

Never Not Funny

First time guest Craig Bierko brought a fun new vibe to the show.  He and Jimmy riffed off of each other so well the time flew by, though unfortunately Matt was sort of left in their dust.  The highlight for me was the few times where Jimmy delivered a classic line and Craig (a self confessed fan of the show) laughed with obvious joy at seeing it first hand and being a part of it.  Great fun.

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Philly Boy Roy vs. Steve-Dave

Weird podcasting coincidence today.  I have been catching up on some of my podcasts today.  I started with the November 16, 2010 episode of The Best Show on WFMU.  Philly Boy Roy called in and his call is interrupted by the mega-bass alarm on his Swatch playing a song by The Hooters.

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My Fake Jimmy Pardo T-Shirt Design

I do not design t-shirts, but if I did this would be what I did today at work.  Obviously inspired by Jimmy’s never ending quest to land Monster Energy Drink as a sponsor for Never Not Funny.

I think I find this ongoing bit so funny because it is akin to much of what I write on this blog.  Posting about bands, movies, podcast, etc. that I like has a definitely promotional aspect to it.  I am more than happy to promote great things, but what if I hit them up for compensation?  What about it, NNF, want to sponsor my blog?

I guess at that point I would have to show some sort of return on investment, which is not likely to happen, so forget it.

I you would like to order this t-shirt drop me a line and I will get into the business (as soon as NNF says I can).

Ways to spend $19.99

Twice a year I need to make a decision on how to spend $19.99.  Here are some of the options I am considering (click through for full product details and purchasing options).


Classy ... perhaps too classy


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Which SModcast is the best kind of SModcast? Does @ThatKevinSmith agree?

In the world of SModcasts there are 3 major categories:

  • SModhome
  • SModlive
  • SModcastle

Note that for the sake of this discussion I have discluded anomalies such as “on the road but not live”, crossovers (a la TESD), Q&As, etc.

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Scharpling and Wurster or Sound Opinions?

This is a bit from the Sound Opinions podcast, which is a great music podcast, but as I was listening to this bit I broke out laughing as it just seemed like the perfect start to a Scharpling and Wurster bit.

It actually was a somewhat interesting interview, but nothing compared to what the masters could have done. If either of Tom Scharpling or Jon Wurster see this, I offer it up as a request, though I assume you do not take requests.

Superchunk Fan Fiction

This came out of recently listening to a great episode of Comedy Death-Ray Radio starring Ted Leo, Aimee Mann, Paul F. Tompkins and Jon Wurster.

A funny, off-hand comment mentioned the idea of Superchunk Fan Fiction.  I’m not a big fan of fan fiction, but this could be fun.

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Kevin Smith surprises me by having something more to say

Kevin Smith, writer and director of such movies as Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl and Mallrats (still my favourite) has always had a lot to say, which is reflected by the amount of dialogue that can be found in his movies.  Over the years Kevin has found other outlets for his voice, allowing him to say more and more (or in some cases say the same thing more often).

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Pod F. Tompkast – After and Beyond

Ice-T calls Andrew Lloyd Webber – so funny I almost pulled a Hodgman

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