Is your up and down experience too straight?

I don’t know why but I think it is funny that this is a tech news post on Engadget.

It certainly looks pretty

Here are some other curvy technologies that Engadget might want to stay on top of.

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Oh no, Engadget, not you too!!

I recall seeing an article in an “entertainment” (gossip/rag) magazine to the effect of “celebrities are just like us and do the things we do”.  It was a series of photos of celebrities walking their dogs, eating ice cream, breathing air and other such lame excuses for invading their privacy.  Oh well, I thought, what can you expect from these trashy magazines.  Somebody has to scrape the bottom of the barrel and produce mindless drivel for those that like their journalism on par with baby diaper commercials.

Today the following website blurb broke my heart:

Celebrity Nerds confirms what you always knew, deep in your heart of hearts: that stars are nerds like us.

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Rizzo the Rat can finally breath easy

This looks more useful than whatever it is that is growing in the fridge at work.