Holidays 2010 Wrap Up

The holidays are always good, because, well, they are the holidays and not work.  Unfortunately there was a lot of sickness in my house this year (including my own) derailing my plans for a lot of fun and exciting blog work.  Here is a little wrap up of the holiday highlights.

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Some Fun Christmas Pictures

I stole these all.  They should be good for a smile.  Happy Holidays.

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I Grew Up On A Street Made For Kevin Smith

This post is for Kevin Smith and his penchant for witty and punny titles, and Jason Mewes who is often the focus of said titles.

It feels like this came about in not a completely random way.  A few days ago I happened to have a chance to visit the neighbourhood that I grew up in.  I walked up my street and around the park behind my old house, showing the landmarks to my slightly interested daughter.  I used my iPhone to snap a few commemorative pics.

The next day I listened to Episode 12 of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.  Jason Mewes talks a lot about the neighbourhood he grew up in and some of the shenanigans he got up to, and while the stories in no way mirrored my own, it kept that feeling of nostalgia going for me.

Then I went back and looked at the pics I had taken and was dumbfounded that I had never before made the connection between the name of the street I grew up on and the real Jay and Silent Bob.

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“In Snow” – An iPhone Picture Poem

I’m too dumb to figure out a slideshow, so we’re doing it old style.  Scroll away and enjoy the day London got dumped on (actually, this is just day one).


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Tweetern Conflict – When Apps Collide

I had a dream last night that my tweets were attacking each other.

I think I need to spend a little time away from the iPhone.

Thanks, neighbours, for the best Trick or Treat haul ever! Next year I’ll bring the kids to help carry more.


Need to paint my cooler orange



These penguins are either ready for Halloween or a Pride Parade


I we weren't ceramic made to look like wood we would make somebody pay for this!


This is how my people rolled in the 50’s

This is fun.  You know, in a non-sarcastic kind of way.  This picture features my dad (left) dressed as Davy Crockett and my Aunt along for the ride, circa 1955.  Full explanation from my dad below (after the jump), which is a great tale of inspiration and creativity leading to fame and old photographs.  Oh damn, I made it sarcastic anyway.  Sorry Dad.


Before there was Tubbs


Click for larger view

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I wish I had the balls for this Spider-man costume (NSFW)

When I said that Andrew Garfield needed to bulk up, this is not what I meant.

The moon is pulling an all dayer

It is 9:00am, moon. That’s quite enough. Quit showing off.


Good Day, Moon