Social Media: Part 7 – Forums

My participation in forums has always been inconsistent. I tend to read a lot more than I write, but then I will go through little bursts of increased participation. Ultimately my activity has never been to the level of being recognized as a regular or “one of the gang”, but I do enjoy being a part of these forum communities that are focused on similar interests.

My first kick at this can was an overt attempt to attract attention. The comment sections at Videogum are a fun place to hang out, so I wrote a series of poems about Videogum and posted a link in the comments. This currently sits as the #11 viewed page of all time.

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Videogum Poetry (@videogum)

Inspiration hits in strange ways.  This time around it hit me full in the shoulder blade with Videogum inspired poetry.  These are all original works so if anyone wants to license them for greeting cards or hot air balloons, let me know in the comments.
  • Haiku:
It is time to laugh
Sarcastic; Have a conscience.
Chew on moving pics.

When Funnies Collide

As I sit here listening to the latest episode of the Doug Loves Movies podcast (well, technically I shut it off and threw on some tunes ’cause I can’t listen to them talk and type my own words at the same time) I feel compelled to share a Venn diagram of funniness.  Of course, I can’t be bothered to create an actual Venn diagram so you will have to print this off, cut out all the words and construct the diagram yourself.  Really, you should do that.  It’ll be fun and you can send me a picture.

This is not the requested picture, this is just some circles

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