Halloween Movie List

In 2015 I embarked on a short term movie expedition.  As a build up to Halloween I attempted to watch as many horror or Halloween themed movies between Canadian Thanksgiving and Canadian Halloween.  Here is my list, roughly in the order watched.  19 movies in 19 days, only 2 that I had seen before. (everything links to IMDB, so I hope they don’t break it).


  • Always nice to see Ethan Hawke in a movie and he turns in a great performance.  Story unfolds nicely, ratcheting up to some very tense and scary moments.  Not sure I 100% loved the ending, but it was interesting and unpredictable enough overall.  Worth the watch.


  • An odd little movie.  Not sure I would exactly categorize it as horror, though it does go there.  Worth the watch.

The Monster Squad

  • Loved this when I was a kid.  Wouldn’t say it exactly held up, but it was nostalgically fun.  Watching it with my 9-year-old I cringed at the typical 80’s language – it was fun back then to have kids talk like homophobic truck drivers.  Worth the watch.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

  • I’m not big on movies where I just hate everybody.  Hard to care about them dying.  ATBLML is a bit uncomfortable as a rallying cry to strike out at your bullies in this day and age of public shootings.  Not highly recommended.


  • This one caught me off guard.  Frenetic, chaotic and totally unique.  This movie moves in such weird ways the horror theme barely registers.  Loved it!


  • I liked the flip-floppy ghost story premise, but in the end it was not all that unique.  I think they spent too much time explaining the premise.  Abigail Breslin gives a great performance.


  • What can I say that hasn’t already been said three times.  A classic.  The story is a little choppy at times, like why does he suddenly only care so much about getting married (I mean, other than the fact that it’s Winona Ryder).  Never the less, I love it.


  • Another non-traditional horror-ish movie.  The events are truly creepy and scary.  Mark Duplass is great as always.  Totally worth the watch.

The Conjuring

  • I didn’t think a haunted house movie could scare me this much.  I jumped and cringed and felt my heart thump throughout.  I think that now I’m a parent movie where kids are in peril hit me so much harder.  Great performances, too.  Worth the watch.

The Midnight Meat Train

  • Weird.  Mostly in a good way.  Vinnie Jones and Bradley Cooper are great.  I definitely didn’t predict where this was going.  Worth the watch.

In Fear

  • So stressful.  I was not always on board with the choices the characters made, but you can totally put yourself in their situation and accept irrational thought processes.  Worth the watch.

Corpse Bride

  • Our only family Halloween movie this year.  I love The Nightmare Before Christmas and had not watched this before.  I liked it, but didn’t love it.  Good for a family with younger kids.

The Final Girls

  • The only one I paid for (all the others streamed or disc’d) and totally worth it.  Great horror comedy with heart.  Amazing performances.

We Are What We Are

  • I kept circling around this one and finally landed on it mainly because I hadn’t watched any cannibalism yet.  It was decent.  You want these girls to rise above and cringe at what they endure.

Silent House

  • Elizabeth Olsen is great, but there is something that doesn’t quite feel right from early on in this movie.  Some great, tense moments, but I felt like I saw this one coming from way across that field she should have kept running across.

Bad Milo!

  • Funny, weird and unpredictable.  Much better than I expected.  Ken Marino delivers.  Worth the watch.

The Den

  • Creepy sort of modern day cyber-slasher movie. I liked it.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

  • I love the original, have never been impressed with the sequels.  I only chose this one for Paul Rudd and enjoyed his creepy loser character.  This one tries to be witty and self-aware, but does not achieve it in the way that Scream would knock it out of the park the next year.


  • Great performances, including the kids.  I liked the idea of purposely going to battle against the known evil, but the way it unraveled didn’t really pull me in.

Movie Review: The Losers Eek Out A Win

The Losers delivered exactly what I was expecting.  A fun action movie that was relatively faithful to the comic series.  I guess I could say that I was a little disappointed that it did not have the impact of the comic book, but that disappointment came when the movie was released and I could tell from the reviews that it was the case, not from watching it this weekend.  Did that just make any sense?

This image basically sums up the movie.  Flashy comic book style coolness.  I like that aspect of the movie.  The comic bookiness was actually more subtle in the movie than this poster suggests.  It felt like it might have been toned down to try to not alienate audiences, but I like the way they brought the original comic book artwork style into the flow of the film through various transitions.

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Movies I Am Excited To Watch in 2011

In the backwards world that I live in 2011 is my chance to watch all of the movies in 2010 that I was (and still am) excited about.  I typically only go to the movies twice a year and save those viewings for the big blockbusters I am excited about.  In 2010 I only got to see Iron Man 2.  Well, I also saw Tangled with my daughter, which was a great movie, but does not count as it was not on MY list.

Scouring the boxing week sales I was able to find my top 4 “2010 want to watch” movies on Blu-ray for a great deal.  Now I just have to find times when my wife and daughters are otherwise occupied so I can actually watch them.  They are:

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What to make of the Red State teaser

Let us start with the meat.  Here is  a lowly YouTube version.  Hit up SModcast for better viewing options.


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Get on the Bandwagon – Support Creative People

I love the power that the Internet gives to creative people to be able to produce art and entertainment and get it out there without bowing down to the bigwigs with money.  The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog are so great.

Here is another great web-based project: Bandwagon

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Cool Star Wars Poster

Like any nerd around my generation I love the original Star Wars movies.  I am not an obsessive nerd about it but I appreciate all of the cool stuff based on it.    This is a really cool poster (in my opinion) and I don’t care what anyone says, Jedi is a good movie.  Click through for more fun posters at Live for Films.

Another Kevin Smith Red State Poster Helps the World

The next Red State movie poster has been released through a Twitter auction held by film-maker Kevin Smith.  This time @PussyEatingClub won the honours (be careful forwarding this to your mom), though some technical confusion in the bidding resulted in @xcinc winning the next exclusive release.

Be sure to tell people WHY the poster was released: becausehttp://pussyeatingclub.com/ bid $1700 to The Kenny Gordon Foundationhttp://www.kennygordonfoundation.com/in less than 30 minutes.

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Beastie Boys Short Film Starring Seth Rogan, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride?

This is seriously the greatest thing I have seen in a very long time.

Pitchfork has the details, but apparently a short film by Adam Yauch (MCA) appearing at Sundance will chronicle what happens after the Fight For Your Right To Party video ends and is stacked with some serious star power.

I cannot stop staring at this picture, which was posted on the Beastie Boys website.  Such a classic photo from my childhood.  I’m still laughing.

Second Red State Poster Revealed Through Charity Auction

Continuing his trend of combining creative viral marketing and charity fundraising with the release of details for his upcoming movie Red State, Kevin Smith revealed the second movie poster yesterday (December 7, 2010). This time Kevin put out the word via Twitter that he was holding an auction for the right to host the debut of the next Red State poster.

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Alternate Poster for “The Mechanic”

Two official posters were recently released for the new Jason Statham movie The Mechanic.  Have you ever noticed how similarly Statham is dressed in most of his movies?

Official posters can be see at Live for Film.