Philly Boy Roy vs. Steve-Dave

Weird podcasting coincidence today.  I have been catching up on some of my podcasts today.  I started with the November 16, 2010 episode of The Best Show on WFMU.  Philly Boy Roy called in and his call is interrupted by the mega-bass alarm on his Swatch playing a song by The Hooters.

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Random Music Interviews from the 90’s

I stumbled across a text file in one of my backups with some fun stuff in it.  I used to maintain a web site in the 90’s dedicated to random things about music and it had a page of fun and interesting (according to me) snippets from various band interviews.  I wish I had that site now, but all I have been able to find are the following bits that probably never made it onto the site.  I don’t know any of the sources but I do know that all of the interviews would come from 1999 or earlier.  Enjoy!


Jim:  In the studio you’re making a record, and when you’re playing it live, there’s no point trying to recreate that same
thing, they’re just two different things. When I go to see a band and they sound like the record, I think: “Why didn’t I stay at home and listen to the record?
Jim:  It’s completely naive to think that a record label has any kind of input on good music. All they do is they make it
available, but it doesn’t get created by record labels. Record labels are just throwing everything they can get their hands on at a wall, and whatever sticks they claim responsibility for. But all they are are pitchers. Throw it at the wall. They’re trying to make money. And who isn’t? But that’s all they’re trying to do.

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Pod F. Tompkast – After and Beyond

Ice-T calls Andrew Lloyd Webber – so funny I almost pulled a Hodgman

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