Which SModcast is the best kind of SModcast? Does @ThatKevinSmith agree?

In the world of SModcasts there are 3 major categories:

  • SModhome
  • SModlive
  • SModcastle

Note that for the sake of this discussion I have discluded anomalies such as “on the road but not live”, crossovers (a la TESD), Q&As, etc.

SModhome home is the original format, taped in Kevin Smith’s house.  Kevin and Scott sitting in a room shooting the shit.  Maybe I’m just a purist, but these are my favourites.  This is where you tend to get the silliest stuff and the most interesting stories as K&S just do it for (and to?) themselves.

SModlive is hit and miss, as you would expect with any liver performance.  The vibe tends to be different as there is more of an immediately entertainment factor that K&S must play to.  The crowd definitely can help to elevate the show as there have been some real classics.  When Mosier gets drunk and then goes in front of people …. magic.

SModcastle is a new version of SModlive hosted at the SModcastle venue.  It is more intimate, creating sort of a hybrid of SModhome and SModlive as it is a more comfortable “home court” kind of spot but still with the energy of the live audience.  It does not get to the level, however, of when a big SModlive crowd is really into it.  I think this is a great venue for guests, such as when Jeff Anderson made an appearance.

Ultimately, I like the mix of venues and the variety it brings.  Kevin is really running with the SModcast network in an innovative way, creating interesting and entertaining shows with many great people.  I love Tell ’em Steve Dave and my thoughts on Jay & Silent Bob Get Old are well, documented.

I just found out that there is a Red State podcast now, so I can’t wait to get home and download it.

That is my SModpinion, for what it is worth.

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