Great Mac McCaughan Moments – Slack MFer

Mac McCaughan is very prolific.  Co-founder / front-man / chief songwriter for Superchunk.  Main dude for Portastatic.  Co-founder / owner of awesome Merge records.  Defender of independent music labels and makers.  Visual artist.  And more.

All of these things have resulted in a constant stream of output over multiple decades.  Mac’s passion and talent can hardly be contained in his smallish frame, perhaps fueling the on-stage fits of rock-spasm that has always been a signature of Superchunk live shows.  This list highlights a number of moments that made me sit up, smile and think “Who is this guy?  Is there no end to his coolness?”.  This will be a multi-part series so please follow me on twitter or sign up for email reminders to stay on top of future posts.

Slack Motherfucker from Superchunk’s self titled debut is a bit of an enigma.  A punk anthem that caught the mainstream’s attention.  It did not get popular enough to make Superchunk seem like a one hit wonder, but Superchunk’s long career has forever remained much farther below the radar than Slack’s blip.  In terms of Superchunk’s catalogue, Slack is not very indicative of the musical creativity that we would see throughout their career, but it did set the standard for Superchunk’s energy, which is something that has yet to abate.

For me this was a key song in my transition from the much heavier fare I was listening to at the time (Pantera, Anthrax, White Zombie).  It showed me how music could be loud, energetic and obnoxious but at the same time poppy and hooky.

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