Rizzo The Rat

I give in, Universe.  I see what I must do.  One little post about growing organs on the backs of rats and I become the number 1 source of Rizzo the Rat images.  Rizzo the Rat has become the number one driver of traffic to this site.  See for yourself.

Take that, social media experts!  I have not seen this in any of “ways to be successful” lists.

So here you go.  A full page dedicated to Rizzo the Rat.  I am by no means an expert, but this may help save you endless seconds of scouring search results on your own.

Let us start off with some great images (I own the rights to none of them).

I cannot confirm the authenticity of the autograph

A working rat's rat

Ladies and Gentlemen ... Nathan Lane


So cool, he is even a Star Wars action figure!


How far do the similarities go? Click the image for a funny site full of muppet-celebrity comparisons.

If your research needs to go a little bit deeper, here are some great sites:

Muppet Wiki



Buy Him!

And finally, a performance.  Find more on YouTube.

There, it is done.  I feel dirty, but perhaps the universe will smile down upon me and bring me some love.




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