Before there was Wii, Move and Kinect there was … Captain Power

This give-away over at CrunchGear got me thinking about the coolest gamer Christmas gift from when I was a kid.  Who remembers this?

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iPhone 4 One Week In

So I have had my iPhone 4 for about a week.  The day after posting that I might not want one, I found one available and realized that I did want one.  So I got one.  Now I have one.

My initial impression is very positive.  Going from my 3G to the 4 is a big change.  I liken it to upgrading your computer; things have gotten better but nothing has drastically changed.

The main improvement that I’m loving is the speed.  Everything is significantly faster and I appreciate it with every poke.

The OS is basically the same, but with a few new features here and there that are cool and exciting.  I love the task switching.  The background image is a nice touch.

The battery life is quite nice.  The improved display is definitely better, but on a screen so small I don’t feel like it is that big of a deal.  I really enjoy the higher res camera and video capabilities, but the front camera seems just like an unnecessary gadget.  Face-time is not a seller for me.

I tried to upload a video I took using the WordPress iPhone app but it keeps crashing.  Not sure who to blame on this one.

The problem I complained about in my post from last week about podcasts starting part way in when I’m playing them for the first time is still happening, so I guess I cannot blame that on the 3G.

All in all, as I said, I am very happy.

Is your up and down experience too straight?

I don’t know why but I think it is funny that this is a tech news post on Engadget.

It certainly looks pretty

Here are some other curvy technologies that Engadget might want to stay on top of.

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Never mind that last iPhone post….

Sad 3G that has been replaced

I cannot get my hands on an iPhone 4, but I’m starting to think I might not want one

I currently have an iPhone 3G, which I have had for almost 2 years and have enjoyed way more than I thought I would. Between bathroom breaks and driving in the car the device only spends about 1% of the time as an actual phone. Unfortunately it has taken much abuse and the screen is degrading, so it is in need of an upgrade. Of course I am looking to the iPhone 4 since it will be an improvement on the experience that I already love and supports the investment I have made in iPhone related accessories. This is proving to be more difficult than I thought. It has been available in Canada for months now but apparently still is a hot ticket and in short supply.

As new iOS versions continue to be released, the continuously erratic behavior of my 3G is starting to chip away at my iPhone 4 resolve. I may have dropped it a few times, but it’s not as bad as this:

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Despite being attractive, this remote is still not for me

Article Here: Philips Home Control’s DUAL is a QWERTY remote for attractive people

Remote Here:

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Spam Triumvirate

Lately I have become obsessed with my Spam folder. I keep feeling that what appears to be a random bombardment of garbage may actually be a complex yet ordered system and if I can decipher the code it will unlock a cache of secrets that I cannot even imagine.

Unraveling the mystery starts with trying to answer this one simple question. Why are 99% of the contents of my Spam box related to the following 3 topic:

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Making my penis larger / harder
  3. Watches

What is the link? Why does Spam love these things and vice-versa? I cannot seem to find a common thread connecting the three. Drugs vs. jewelry vs. length and firmness. I can find some commonalities between various pairing:

  • Watches / Penis Enlargement – Vanity, making yourself look better
  • Pharmaceuticals / Watches – Spam generally focuses on cheaper deals and “knock offs”
  • Pharmaceuticals / Penis Enlargement – Here’s to feeling good all the time

The big picture is not revealing itself. I’m nervous about the next step, which is to make contact. I need to engage the Spam, but how? Ben Gates, Robert Langdon, what do I do?

Nice Hair

Is it enough to just start opening and reading all of them? Do I mark them as “Not Spam” and see what happens when the move into the world of real email? Do I actually start clicking links and ordering products? Will I get dragged so deep into the mystery that I will be found high on Hydrocodone, arms and legs covered in watches and a 16 inch erection? How deep am I willing to go?  How deep can I go (this question was actually put to my by my Spam)?

If anything should happen to me... make sure Annette gets the car.

If you don’t hear from me in 3 months, don’t come looking for me. I am probably dead and will eventually be found floating face down in your Spam box.

Oh no, Engadget, not you too!!

I recall seeing an article in an “entertainment” (gossip/rag) magazine to the effect of “celebrities are just like us and do the things we do”.  It was a series of photos of celebrities walking their dogs, eating ice cream, breathing air and other such lame excuses for invading their privacy.  Oh well, I thought, what can you expect from these trashy magazines.  Somebody has to scrape the bottom of the barrel and produce mindless drivel for those that like their journalism on par with baby diaper commercials.

Today the following website blurb broke my heart:

Celebrity Nerds confirms what you always knew, deep in your heart of hearts: that stars are nerds like us.

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Remember Frames?

I just stumbled upon this classic web page built 14 years ago in 1996 (back when the Internet used to be on sticks).

Remember the excitement of building your own web page filled with separately movable parts?  I think I used Microsoft Word to build mine (this is not mine, by the way) and then jumped into the HTML to see just how many ways I could slice up the page.  This website should be put in a museum.  Or an old age home.

Altec Lansing orbit MP3 is Great

I bought this

I really like it, having used it in a number of different places with my iPhone.  It has good sound volume and quality for the size.  I haven’t worn out the 3 AAA batteries it takes yet.  It’s great for around the house when my stereo is not near and perfect for camping (especially with the case).

I have no technical insights to provide but the website will give you all that junk.