Ways to spend $19.99

Twice a year I need to make a decision on how to spend $19.99.  Here are some of the options I am considering (click through for full product details and purchasing options).


Classy ... perhaps too classy


GoateeSaver – Rescue my facial hair


USB Desk Vacuum - how small are your crumbs?

This is completely reasonable



Got too much stuff? Learn how to cope.


It's not too late, is it?


Need a giant poster of a mediocre Meg Ryan movie? No? Then get a giant poster of a crappy Meg Ryan movie.


These are all great (crappy) choices and I cannot decide which is the best.  My indecision is driving me to the same thing I always buy.  A subscription to the new season of Never Not Funny.  Why?  Great hosts, great guests, great entertainment.  Great Value!

So slide on over to http://www.pardcast.com and sign up.  And if you have been extra good, upgrade to the video podcast and see some pretty people, like these:

Give yourself the gift of laughter.


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2 Responses to Ways to spend $19.99

  1. vicky says:

    making a donation to a charity org. or even better buy happy meal to a homeless guy on street…

    • This is much more thoughtful and humanitarian than my cheeky post, which is a thinly veiled celebration / promotion of a podcast I love. Actually, Never Not Funny is doing a marathon live podcast this month to raise money for Smile Train. They raised over $12,000 last year, I believe. Details are at http://www.pardcast.com.

      Now that I think of it, though, I’d rather give that homeless guy a bag of fruits and vegetables.

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