Great Mac McCaughan Moments – The Future of Radio

Mac testified before Congress. That in itself sounds super cool and important. Seriously, though, Mac testified on the future of radio, putting forth the importance of non-commercial, independent radio. Here is an excerpt:

I also want to urge this committee to take the necessary steps to ensure that our media landscape does not become even more consolidated. The deregulation that followed the 1996 Telecommunications Act allowed for unprecedented consolidation in commercial radio, which has resulted in a homogeneity that is often out-of-step with artists, entrepreneurs, media professionals and educators — not to mention listeners.

Full transcript can be found here and the audio version is found here.

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Great Mac McCaughan Moments – Art Class

I knew that Mac (and Laura) were responsible for most of the Superchunk album artwork, but I did not realize to what extent Mac was a visual artist until a post on his blog contained this image (among others).

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Great Mac McCaughan Moments – Falsetto

I’m not going to walk through Superchunk’s album history again as I covered it in my 4-part series starting here, so I will summarize to say that their first 5 albums (plus 2 singles collections) were all manner of rockin’.

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Worst Superchunk Song Ever

Over the past few weeks there has been an outcry by my loyal readers regarding the objectivity displayed by my work in the Superchunk field.  It is felt that my articles indicate a heavy bias and therefore invalidate the results of my research.

The following definition comes from

not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased: an objective opinion.

Obviously it is impossible to prove or disprove objectivity, but just to show how dedicated to objectivity I am I willing write this article that is objective to the opposite extreme.

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