So Long, Hollywood Stock Exchange

I originally joined HSX in 1999 or 2000 and did what I’m sure a lot of people do:

  1. Create account
  2. Buy stocks and bonds in things I like or look cool
  3. Watch the market adjust in incomprehensible ways (why would Harrison Ford ever drop?)
  4. Realize that the HSX system is complicated to a degree that I am not willing to understand
  5. Walk away

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HSX: Ellen Page Causes Chaos (in my mind)

There’s a little confusion on this one.  Ellen Page adjusts next week for Inception and is currently trading at H$51.57.

According to the HSX page she will drop Juno, which would mean an adjust short 4.43 to H$47.14.

The problem is that The Tracey Fragments has a date of May 9, 2008.  The movie was first released in Canada in 2007, before Juno, but was not picked up and released in the U.S. until May 2008.  Given that the TAG value is based upon domestic box office, it makes sense that the adjust will be as I indicated above, but if it goes the other way and drops The Tracey Fragments it will adjust long 24.26 to H$75.83.

I’m assuming the short adjust, which is still a decent investment for a week, but it just goes to show that you need to be careful of your resources.

Please let me know if I’m wrong!!

HSX: Post Bond Adjust for July 27, 2010

This is my first time doing this on such a grand scale, so I’m sorry for any errors.  Given The HSX Dude’s vacation I thought I would try and step in.  It is definitely not as pretty as The HSX Dude’s, but what can you do?

You can find my calculations here.  Top picks would be:


I appreciate any and all feedback.

HSX: Make H$140,000 on NWATT

Naomi Watts will adjust next week to around H$10 and she is currently sitting at $17.63.  That is a profit of around H$140,000 in 6 days, and with such a low current price that is over 40% profit on the investment.

HSX: JSMTS On the Rise

Jimmy Smits is currently trading below what he should be at and the next adjust should ensure that is righted.

He is currently trading at H$85.40 and he should adjust on July 27, 2010 to just over H$100, giving a potential gain of H$300,000 in 2 weeks.

STARBONDS Tracking Sheet

Kind of a silly little thing, but I use this spreadsheet to help me keep track of the STARBONDS I purchase.  It helps me follow how they are tracking in see if something is not going as expected, if something could be reshorted or if I should dump it before the adjust because the bulk of the profit has been made and there are better opportunities.

Make H$140,000 in a week

Wes Bentley is currently trading at H$19 and should adjust next week to about H$26 with Jonah Hex.

20,000 * H$7 = H$140,000

My other top HSX Resources

HSXpicks – Throws out random but solid money making tips

The Numbers – Great resource for up-to-date info, though I have found that the Star Bond TAG calculations are sometimes off base due to next adjustment movies being ordered incorrectly


The Hollywood Stock Exchange is a fun game that I can poke away at through the week.  More complicated than it first appears, but pays off if you take the time to learn.

I attribute my recent understanding and success to the HSX Dude’s blog and I will see if I can supplement the great tips he provides every week with a few of my own.