Zack Snyder’s Superman? Best Idea Yet!

SuperHeroHype has posted a story stating that Zack Snyder will be directing the next Superman reboot.

When the rumours were flying around about Kevin Smith’s Superman, I was excited at the prospect of what he would do with it but in no way thought it would be an amazing super hero movie. Which is I guess why it didn’t happen (Smith tells a very funny story about it on one of the Evening With DVDs).

Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns sounded like such a great approach. A sequel to the Richard Donner movies (Superman and Superman II) with Kevin Spacey as Lex! Awesome. Alas, it was a big budget snorefest. Too much homage, not enough original thought. Other than the airplane scene in Superman Returns, which was completely awesome, I think I prefer the sequel with Richard Pryor.

This scene is awesome! Sorry about the rest.

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I’m getting too old for this sh!t

As an “adult” with my own children, you would think that a Spider-man bobble head would be an inappropriate gift. Well, you might think that if you stink.

This was a great birthday gift, along with the Iron Man t-shirt that accompanied it.

Take note. Send toys.

Oh, this is nice…like, geek nice

Thank you SuperHeroHype, this is awesome.  I appreciate the up-to-the-minute news briefs on the nerdiness of comic book heroes and movie, it gets a little boring when that is all you provide.  Don’t just be SNN.

Here we have a great little piece on 20 Epic Spider-man Moments.  Nice!  It covers more than just the movie medium.  Nice!  It mentions Kraven’s Last Hunt, one of the best mini-series ever.  Nice!

Did I mention I like this?  Do more.  Please.

No Mary Jane? Exclusive Spider-man Screen Test? How small is Andrew Garfield?

SuperheroHype lists the actresses reportedly in the running for the female love interest in the new Spider-man movie and it is not for the part of Mary Jane.  I cannot verify the authenticity of the following screen test photo but I like the idea of brining in a Spider-Mobile.

Given that Sam Raimi sort of combined the MJ and Gwen stories with the bridge scene in the first movie, my vote is for Black Cat.  Her aggressive sexuality paired with Peter Parker’s innocence makes a great dynamic.

Spider-man Better Bulk Up

If this pre-production artistic mock-up is any indication, Andrew Garfield had better start bulking up.  Not in the muscles, but in the head and gut.

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Ultimate Spider-man Series Good?

I’m a little late to the game on this announcement, but I was on vacation.  Ultimate Spider-man is being turned into an animated series.

I have mixed feelings about this.  As a huge Spider-man fan my initial thought is that more Spider-man is always good.  This blog has a great summary of Spider-man’s media history.

As for comic books, Ultimate Spider-man was the most successful, quality re-imagining of an A-List superhero since Frank Miller altered the course of Batman with The Dark Knight Returns.  There were no drastic changes to the Spider-man lore but the modern day setting and the amazing writing just made everything feel fresh.  The early foibles of Peter Parker / Spider-man in which he continually is being unmasked by bad guys was brilliant.

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Stop Exploiting Spider-man

He is arguably the most recognized superhero of all time (top 3 for sure).  He helped popularize superhero movies and prove their blockbuster potential.  He continues to dominate the comic book industry.  He never stops working, and he does it all for us.  Take away the popularity, the fame, the millions of dollars, the place in pop-culture history and you can plainly see that action is his only reward.  Let’s give him another reward.  Let’s think of something truly fitting.  No, no, he already has a lunch box.

C’mon people – this is not how you honour Spider-man.  A broadway show?  A musical?  U2?  No no no no no no no.  Wrong.  Bad!  Don’t make me have to rub your nose in it yelling “look what you did!”.  Just stop now an we’ll pretend like you never started.


In a word….”ug”

So much shiny metal.  I’m assuming this is armour, but it is giving me flashbacks of the ridiculousness that was The Green Goblin in the Spider-man movie.

And this picture makes me think of Bat-Nipples:

Ok ok, I know – comic books are silly, fantastical and for children (thanks, wife).  But if you are going to buy into it then the costume is the jumping off point.  A bad costume can sink the air-ship.  The above Batman ridiculousness is actually not the best example because the whole movie was made to be campy, silly and stupid (it was a horrible movie on purpose, wasn’t it?).

Remember Daredevil?  The movie did try to get into some darker, more meaningful territory but it was greatly hindered by the costumes that looked like they were designed by a bunch of drunk bikers.

So bringing it back around to Thor, the shots seen so far look kind of silly and I can’t imagine that a movie about Norse gods directed by Shakespeare-dude is going for silly.  So hopefully there are some more realistic costumes throughout the bulk of the movie and we are just seeing the shiny, flashing promo-pics that are really the “lets suit up for battle” scenes.  Otherwise I think the next stop will be Transformers 4: Battle for Self Respect instead of The Avengers.

Oh yeah, and there’s a good article over at SuperHeroHype with the pic and some info about 3D for Thor and Captain America.

Joker Ollies Over Batman

This is awesome:

Much thanks to AICN for the Behind the Scenes pic.

A week ago I found myself in the extremely rare situation of having the house to myself for an entire night as wife and kids were visiting family.  Oh, how to spend this fleeting period of freedom?

  • Go to a bar
  • PS3
  • Mow the lawn
  • Go see The A-Team
  • Sleep

Then I stumbled upon the answer.  Something I literally had not done since moving into my new house 2 years prior.  Watch a violent Blu-ray on my HD TV with the surround sound blasting.  To rent or re-watch was an easy choice….enter The Dark Knight.  I still can’t get over how great this movie is.  I actually had a tear in my eye and a knot in my gut as it ended, just thinking about how amazing it is.

It is a shame to lose such talent as Heath Ledger, but I pretty much assume that any actor that can reach that level of talent must be troubled.  I don’t think this was really a blow to The Dark Knight follow-up, thought.  I don’t think you do another Joker in this series – The Dark Knight is just too perfect.

What this also makes me think about is the recent announcement that Ed Norton will not play Bruce Banner in The Avengers.  This is a big loss.  Norton is another amazing acting talent and without him The Incredible Hulk would have been lame instead of decent.  Movies like Spider-man (1&2) and The Dark Knight have continually raised the bar for superhero movies and X-Men and X2 really showed how to handle an ensemble cast in a way that you don’t lose the story for all the characters (X-Men 3 showed how to suck it big time).  The Avengers is in a unique position of having a number of movies to fall back on, but it still needs to rely on the strength of its actors in order to bring the characters to life on screen without the benefit of full focus on any one character.  Losing someone like Ed Norton (no disrespect to whoever steps in) is huge, no matter how you slice it.

Not that I’m worried, though.  With Joss Whedon at the helm there is nothing that can diminish my excitement for The Avengers.