Holidays 2010 Wrap Up

The holidays are always good, because, well, they are the holidays and not work.  Unfortunately there was a lot of sickness in my house this year (including my own) derailing my plans for a lot of fun and exciting blog work.  Here is a little wrap up of the holiday highlights.

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Let’s Declare December 29th International “Be Rotten” Day

In the build up to Christmas there are a lot of “be good or Santa wont come” threats in my house.  For the most part I do not feel that it has any effect, but it is good to get the kids thinking about the consequences of their behaviour (my 4 year old kept telling my 1 year old that she would receive a rock).

Operating under the assumption that one’s behaviour is in fact influenced by the powers of Santa, then December 1-24 is a month of exceptionally good behaviour.  Each box of the advent calendar gives your soul a little extra boost of Christmas cheer.

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Thanks Turkey

Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is upon us (have you ever seen a snow turkey?) and it has got me thinking about the true meaning of our holidays.  The tradition that has helped build our culture and holds such importance that we honour it each year.

Thanksgiving.  I think we can all agree that the history and tradition stems from that term.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanks for giving us your land, indigenous people, and even though there is enough for everyone we are going to take it all anyway. In order to celebrate this every year we will have a meal in which we eat way more than any single person needs while others go with nothing.

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