Scharpling and Wurster or Sound Opinions?

This is a bit from the Sound Opinions podcast, which is a great music podcast, but as I was listening to this bit I broke out laughing as it just seemed like the perfect start to a Scharpling and Wurster bit.

It actually was a somewhat interesting interview, but nothing compared to what the masters could have done. If either of Tom Scharpling or Jon Wurster see this, I offer it up as a request, though I assume you do not take requests.

Superchunk Fan Fiction

This came out of recently listening to a great episode of Comedy Death-Ray Radio starring Ted Leo, Aimee Mann, Paul F. Tompkins and Jon Wurster.

A funny, off-hand comment mentioned the idea of Superchunk Fan Fiction.  I’m not a big fan of fan fiction, but this could be fun.

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Jon Wurster? More like Jon Bester? Superchunk’s Drumming Rules!

I think we can all agree that Superchunk lives and dies on the strength of it’s drumming, and by “agree” I mean “argue”, because obviously I do not think this is true and every member of the band plays a vital part so stop trying to hog the spotlight, Jim!

Regardless of who the best is (Laura) we do really need to talk about Jon Wurster’s drumming.  It really is great.  Just ask Laura:

On the Mouth was the first album with Jon Wurster on drums. What was the difference between him and Chunk Garrison?

Chuck is a really great drummer and so is Jon. But they are great in different ways. Chuck swings, where Jon is tighter and more efficient. I also have found playing with Jon to be really different because he puts all these markers in the songs, especially when we are playing them live…and I don’t know if he does it consciously or not…but those markers tell me where we are in the song and what is coming up. It’s kind of amazing!

Full article can be found here.

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Podcasting History / Best Of

As I kid I remember being flabbergasted at the fact that my father would almost exclusively listen to talk shows when in the car, as opposed to music.  I just couldn’t see the appeal of listening to a bunch of boring people talk about boring things.  I still don’t see the appeal (who would) and I haven’t found anything on the radio that doesn’t adhere to this description..  My car radio has not been on anything except my FM transmitter station since I bought it.  The second car I owned didn’t have a working radio in it for over 3 years.  So lets just say I’m picky about what I listen to.

Now it turns out that there are a lot of entertaining “talkies” out there but as with the music I like it is not to be found within the constraints of mainstream media / radio.  Oh podcasting, what would I do without you?  Here is my Brief History of Podcasting and Nothing Else:

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