Philly Boy Roy vs. Steve-Dave

Weird podcasting coincidence today.  I have been catching up on some of my podcasts today.  I started with the November 16, 2010 episode of The Best Show on WFMU.  Philly Boy Roy called in and his call is interrupted by the mega-bass alarm on his Swatch playing a song by The Hooters.

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Pod F. Tompkast – Before The After

Paul F. Tompkins has a long legacy of being the best podcast guest on the podcast circuit.  Never Not Funny, The Best Show on WFMU, Superego to name a few.  But then the landscape of podcasting began to change.  For months PFT has been teasing us with promises of his own podcast, dropping hints during his visits and tweeting about its progress.  The Internets began to buzz with discussion and speculation.  What would this mean?  Obviously adding another amazing podcast to the mix would be great for everyone, but wait…would there be any negative side effects?  Would PFT now end his reign as King of the Guests in order to give full focus to his own works, thus decimating the podcasting landscape as all other podcasts struggle to find a new “guest saviour”?

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