Movies I Am Excited To Watch in 2011

In the backwards world that I live in 2011 is my chance to watch all of the movies in 2010 that I was (and still am) excited about.  I typically only go to the movies twice a year and save those viewings for the big blockbusters I am excited about.  In 2010 I only got to see Iron Man 2.  Well, I also saw Tangled with my daughter, which was a great movie, but does not count as it was not on MY list.

Scouring the boxing week sales I was able to find my top 4 “2010 want to watch” movies on Blu-ray for a great deal.  Now I just have to find times when my wife and daughters are otherwise occupied so I can actually watch them.  They are:

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Joss Passed on Buffy Reboot – Makes Sense

This article at The Hollywood Reporter states that the recently announced Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot was offered to Joss last year and he declined.

This makes sense to me.  It would be one thing if it were to be a revival of the original cast (if that is even possible after all these years) and storyline that he loved, but a reboot is a much different animal.  I can understand not wanting to take something that you spent so many years crafting and just do it differently.  Where would the inspiration come from?  We already know what Joss Whedon’s take on Buffy is, how would he undo that and start from scratch?

Plus … The Avengers.  Hello!!

I still do not see a need for a new take on Buffy, especially so soon, but that is another rant filled with comments about original ideas and leaving perfection alone and Twilight sucks and all that.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heros may not get Movie’s Mightiest Budget

Interesting article on those holding the purse  strings for the Avengers movie.  Apparently there are concerns over budget and they may want to reign things in.  Coming on the heels of the announcement that MGM has filed for bankruptcy, it is hard to imagine there is not some coincidence.

I understand the budget concerns as no movie is typically a guarantee.  On the other hand, the build up to this movie is unlike anything ever seen.  They are assembling more than just big name actors, but also big name movies. Stringing together multiple blockbuster movies into a crescendo like this is innovative and aggressive at a James Cameron or George Lucas level.  It truly is taking things to the next level at a time when that sort of  creativity seems to only be found in indie movies (milking the 3D craze definitely does not count as creative).  So come on, you have to stand behind it and give it a real shot.

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Dollhouse 1×12: “Omega”

And there you have it.  A great season finale.  Alpha and Echo embark upon a Matrixesque journey to Whoamiville (for those not following along, I just referenced The Matrix and How the Grinch Stole Christmas).

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SHIELD Hellicarrier Concept Art

Here is what Joss Whedon will be flying around in as he films The Avengers:

Bigger and more pics at io9.

It would be cool if Joss took the Serenity approach and built the actual ship, but I guess that is not likely as this will only be one of many locations, as opposed to the primary location with Firefly and Serenity.

Surprise! Corporations want to sell you a lot of stuff, and Marvel is no exception.

<– begin cynicism here –>

Big announcements in this news story from SuperHeroHype.  There is going to be a lot of merchandise for sale helping to push the Avengers movie.  Shocker.  A movie based upon a number of characters who already participate in successful toy and book lines is going to be pushing more toys and books.  It is like they are trying to make money on this movie.  Next thing they will tell us that the movie tickets will not be free.

What’s that?  You are going to pay attention to the success or failure of the marketing initiative and adjust future initiatives accordingly?  That sounds like WAY too much work.

<– end cynicism here –>

Truth be told, I’m getting myself a Hawkeye figure as soon as humanly possible.

Social Media: Emergency Fail / Smarten Up Whedonesque

Just came across this post on Whedonesque: Who will Joss Whedon kill in the ‘Avengers’ movie?

Over a month ago I posted Which Avenger Will Die?

Epic Fail on my part, I would say.  I have not blipped that radar.  C’mon, people, I need some advice here.  How do I crack that nut?  A community that gets behind a long dead TV show with such fervor should want to support a little independent writer / Joss Whedon nut like me.  Spread the word.

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed in Whedonesque.  The ability to join which then gives you the ability to participate in the commenting has been shut down for a very long time.  It is disappointing to see something like this being exclusionary.  The reason stated is resource issues, which I guess I can understand to a certain degree, but responding to it by closing things off will hurt this site in the long-term.  So those of you in my position who cannot participate in the Whedonesque magic, I invite you to use my site as a place for B-List commenters.

Anyone?  Hello?

What Will Hawkeye Look Like?

SuperHeroHype has posted this interview with Jeremy Renner in which he states that the Hawkeye costume in the Avengers movie is going to be more based in reality.

That means we are not likely to see this:

What? This is cool!

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Captain America Stunt Double is a Toy

This image is flying all around the Internet right now.  I like SuperHeroHype for my source.

How will I fit on the shelves at Walmart?

Is it just me or does this look exactly like a life-size action figure?  Is there a special spray they use to make him look like plastic?  Can I have some?

Avengers Casting (from the 1980’s)

Here’s a fun little time waster of an exercise.  I came across this listing of top 10 movie actors of the 1980’s.  I’m not quite sure what the criteria but the site states “Ratings and rankings are based on all available critic reviews & awards”.  Good enough for this exercise.

So, what if the Avengers was made in the 1980’s, but rather than choose the supposedly best actors for each part we are forced into  using these top actors of the decade?  Here are your Avengers:

Iron Man – Robert De Niro

Perhaps not as happy-go-lucky as Tony Stark tends to be, but could definitely run with the alcoholism arc

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