Superchunk Album History – Part 4 [2002-2010]

This is the final installment of this series.  I hope you have read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 and have enjoyed this bit of entertainment.  I have come to think of this period in Superchunk’s history as “the lean years”, but as I mentioned in the last article I have gotten over the initial disappointment I felt when a few years had passed and there was still no Superchunk album forthcoming.  I have written a mini-essay at the end, but lets look at some of the music first.

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Drunk Writing Ideas

Inspiration and new ideas come in so many unexpected ways but it is always amusing to reflect on where your mind takes you when alcohol is involved.

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Building Inspiration

Sometimes you are inspired and you don’t even know it. There’s a neighbour of mine…I wouldn’t quite call him a friend but I think he will be soon. Our interests are very different but our sensibilities are very much the same.

For many years “K” has flipped houses in his “spare time” (full time job, wife, two young kids, dog, life).  He does it to make some extra money but he mostly does it because he loves to do it.

Last time we got together he was talking about buying equipment he could rent out to children’s parties and also taking a job putting up real estate signs. Sounded like a big waste of time to me at first. But from his perspective he was trying to find reasonable supplements to his income that would allow him to quit his current job and do what he loved full time.  With flipping houses and enough things on the side he could make the income he needs and spend much more time doing what he loves.

I can’t think of a more admirable approach to life. If you have children you immediately make sacrifices, but most people look at their job as part of that sacrifice. Few people can say that their job is what they dreamed of when they were younger but you do what you need to do to make the rest of your life work.

I think there are also not many people willing to sacrifice one aspect of their work for the rewards of another. I find this surprising considering how easily people seem willing to sacrifice family for work.

So “K”, you are an inspiration to me (could I ever admit that in person?).  Everything in life needs to be in balance, and there is no reason to ever stop looking for the best balance possible. And within that balance include as many things that you love as possible.  I want to write but I don’t want to quite my job to give it a shot and in the process sacrifice the things I can do for my children.  So I will carve out little pieces of the day that don’t mean as much.  Less time with video games, going out for lunch, watching crappy television or Facebook.  When you find the right balance I don’t think it really even feels like a sacrifice.