Game Player Guy’s Corner – Magic: The Gathering

I cannot call myself a gamer because I am not very good.  At any video game.  It may be inherent skill or dedication to master any particular game, but either way I just play, I enjoy and I move on.  So anything I write about video games is from the perspective of a casual player.

I play games on my PS3 and iPhone 4.  And Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, but I don’t think that counts.

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Social Media Emergency Win!! My blog has a secret admirer!!

Wowzers, holy Christmas, good golly and other PG exclamations of delight.  I was just casually checking my One Good Minute blog stats and was shocked to find the following:

Now, for some reason there is a steady stream of people searching for “rizzo the rat” that stumble onto my site, and I’m sure they are not all that impressed with what they find, but hey, that’s blogging, right?

But today someone actually searched for my blog by name.

one good minute blog

By name!

What does it mean?  Probably nothing.  How does it make me feel?  Like I’m in eighth grade and I just found a secret admirer note in my locker.  Who are you?  How did you find out about me?  Do you really like me?  Like, like like me?

Which brings up another thought, if you want to stay on this train with me.  What do kids do today when they like each other?  Secret text?  Facebook poll?  YouTube love video?  Anonymous tweet?

I think that in this world of technology and information sharing it is becoming more and more difficult to be anonymous.  I don’t think anything has been invented that replaces the good old paper poll.

Not even this (but go ahead and vote anyway).

Please leave any additional secret admirer notes in the comments below.

Social Media Part 10: Conclusion of Round 1

It has been about 3 months since I started this blog and I would say that so far I am quite happy with the results.  I enjoy writing the articles, I have made some great connections and I am learning about the world of social media. If you are interested in social media and self promotion I encourage you to read my posts on the subject.  This series is intended to provide insight from the perspective of a newbie stumbling into the world of social media, ready to explore and learn.  Go here to see all of my previous posts.

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Social Media: Part 4 – Triond

I came across Triond while doing some general social media Googling.  Here is my somewhat sad profile.

Triond provides the ability for a user to submit articles to be posted on various other blogs and sites.  The articles can be of any topic, though Triond must approve them.  The user has no control over where the articles get posted, but you know where it is so that you can promote it.  Based upon the sort of traffic your articles get you will get paid.

I knew that this was not going to help very much with promoting One Good Minute but I thought I could link to it from my Triond profile.  I was intrigued to see how the system worked and what the payout seemed to be, so I gave it a shot.

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