My Fake Jimmy Pardo T-Shirt Design

I do not design t-shirts, but if I did this would be what I did today at work.  Obviously inspired by Jimmy’s never ending quest to land Monster Energy Drink as a sponsor for Never Not Funny.

I think I find this ongoing bit so funny because it is akin to much of what I write on this blog.  Posting about bands, movies, podcast, etc. that I like has a definitely promotional aspect to it.  I am more than happy to promote great things, but what if I hit them up for compensation?  What about it, NNF, want to sponsor my blog?

I guess at that point I would have to show some sort of return on investment, which is not likely to happen, so forget it.

I you would like to order this t-shirt drop me a line and I will get into the business (as soon as NNF says I can).

Ways to spend $19.99

Twice a year I need to make a decision on how to spend $19.99.  Here are some of the options I am considering (click through for full product details and purchasing options).


Classy ... perhaps too classy


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My iPhone is Watching Me, But What is it Thinking?

My iPhone has a very fancy home while I’m at work.



iPhone Throne


The view from my iPhone as I work and listen.

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Pod F. Tompkast – Before The After

Paul F. Tompkins has a long legacy of being the best podcast guest on the podcast circuit.  Never Not Funny, The Best Show on WFMU, Superego to name a few.  But then the landscape of podcasting began to change.  For months PFT has been teasing us with promises of his own podcast, dropping hints during his visits and tweeting about its progress.  The Internets began to buzz with discussion and speculation.  What would this mean?  Obviously adding another amazing podcast to the mix would be great for everyone, but wait…would there be any negative side effects?  Would PFT now end his reign as King of the Guests in order to give full focus to his own works, thus decimating the podcasting landscape as all other podcasts struggle to find a new “guest saviour”?

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People are funny and talented

Bonus episode of Never Not Funny this morning.  Jimmy Pardo hosting the You Fascinate Me show at the UCB Theatre earlier in the year with guests  Pat Francis and Danielle Koenig (who are both tied to NNF in many other ways).

The show, as expected, is very funny and entertaining and it just makes me realize how many funny and talented people are out there that the general public never really knows about.  Who the heck are Pat Francis and Danielle Koenig and how could they possibly be funny?  Toss this aside and get me an Adam Sandler movie.

Forget about the Dane Cook’s and Jay Leno’s of the world.  There are many faces of comedy but there are so many more people pushing comedy forward in so many ways that don’t get the fame and recognition they deserve.

So today I say thank you to Pat Francis and Danielle Koenig, whoever the heck you are.

When Funnies Collide

As I sit here listening to the latest episode of the Doug Loves Movies podcast (well, technically I shut it off and threw on some tunes ’cause I can’t listen to them talk and type my own words at the same time) I feel compelled to share a Venn diagram of funniness.  Of course, I can’t be bothered to create an actual Venn diagram so you will have to print this off, cut out all the words and construct the diagram yourself.  Really, you should do that.  It’ll be fun and you can send me a picture.

This is not the requested picture, this is just some circles

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Podcasting History / Best Of

As I kid I remember being flabbergasted at the fact that my father would almost exclusively listen to talk shows when in the car, as opposed to music.  I just couldn’t see the appeal of listening to a bunch of boring people talk about boring things.  I still don’t see the appeal (who would) and I haven’t found anything on the radio that doesn’t adhere to this description..  My car radio has not been on anything except my FM transmitter station since I bought it.  The second car I owned didn’t have a working radio in it for over 3 years.  So lets just say I’m picky about what I listen to.

Now it turns out that there are a lot of entertaining “talkies” out there but as with the music I like it is not to be found within the constraints of mainstream media / radio.  Oh podcasting, what would I do without you?  Here is my Brief History of Podcasting and Nothing Else:

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