Game Player Guy’s Corner – Magic: The Gathering

I cannot call myself a gamer because I am not very good.  At any video game.  It may be inherent skill or dedication to master any particular game, but either way I just play, I enjoy and I move on.  So anything I write about video games is from the perspective of a casual player.

I play games on my PS3 and iPhone 4.  And Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, but I don’t think that counts.

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My iPhone is Watching Me, But What is it Thinking?

My iPhone has a very fancy home while I’m at work.



iPhone Throne


The view from my iPhone as I work and listen.

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iPhone 4 One Week In

So I have had my iPhone 4 for about a week.  The day after posting that I might not want one, I found one available and realized that I did want one.  So I got one.  Now I have one.

My initial impression is very positive.  Going from my 3G to the 4 is a big change.  I liken it to upgrading your computer; things have gotten better but nothing has drastically changed.

The main improvement that I’m loving is the speed.  Everything is significantly faster and I appreciate it with every poke.

The OS is basically the same, but with a few new features here and there that are cool and exciting.  I love the task switching.  The background image is a nice touch.

The battery life is quite nice.  The improved display is definitely better, but on a screen so small I don’t feel like it is that big of a deal.  I really enjoy the higher res camera and video capabilities, but the front camera seems just like an unnecessary gadget.  Face-time is not a seller for me.

I tried to upload a video I took using the WordPress iPhone app but it keeps crashing.  Not sure who to blame on this one.

The problem I complained about in my post from last week about podcasts starting part way in when I’m playing them for the first time is still happening, so I guess I cannot blame that on the 3G.

All in all, as I said, I am very happy.

I cannot get my hands on an iPhone 4, but I’m starting to think I might not want one

I currently have an iPhone 3G, which I have had for almost 2 years and have enjoyed way more than I thought I would. Between bathroom breaks and driving in the car the device only spends about 1% of the time as an actual phone. Unfortunately it has taken much abuse and the screen is degrading, so it is in need of an upgrade. Of course I am looking to the iPhone 4 since it will be an improvement on the experience that I already love and supports the investment I have made in iPhone related accessories. This is proving to be more difficult than I thought. It has been available in Canada for months now but apparently still is a hot ticket and in short supply.

As new iOS versions continue to be released, the continuously erratic behavior of my 3G is starting to chip away at my iPhone 4 resolve. I may have dropped it a few times, but it’s not as bad as this:

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