Best Week Ever (for podcasts)

I am a little behind the times here but with the insane amount of show shoveling I had to do yesterday I was able to blast through the bulk of last week’s podcasts, and I must say that it was a strong week indeed.

Never Not Funny

First time guest Craig Bierko brought a fun new vibe to the show.  He and Jimmy riffed off of each other so well the time flew by, though unfortunately Matt was sort of left in their dust.  The highlight for me was the few times where Jimmy delivered a classic line and Craig (a self confessed fan of the show) laughed with obvious joy at seeing it first hand and being a part of it.  Great fun.

Comedy Death Ray Radio

Funny funny funny with Kevin Nealon, Sarah Silverman and Tig Notaro (among others).  Also the debut of “Do They Know It’s Christmas 2010”, which can be seen on Funny or Die

The Best Show on WFMU

Todd Barry calls in for a funny interview, a classic hour-long Scharpling & Wurster and an off-beat call from a dying old man.  “Tell my wife…”  I could not stop laughing and I’m a little frightened to see what that kid does next.

The Pod F. Tompkast

A phone call to a friend is an unexpected premise for a comedy podcast but I am surprised and delighted each week at how entertaining Paul’s call to Jen Kirkman are to listen to.    The a capella eighties moment was also very enjoyable.

Plus One

The latest on the SModcast network, this is a funny look inside Kevin Smith’s relationship with wife Jennifer Schwalbach.  The hours lost in mis-recording leading up to this first show add an entertaining edge to the show (sorry for enjoying Jen’s pain).

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