I wish I had the balls for this Spider-man costume (NSFW)

When I said that Andrew Garfield needed to bulk up, this is not what I meant.

No Mary Jane? Exclusive Spider-man Screen Test? How small is Andrew Garfield?

SuperheroHype lists the actresses reportedly in the running for the female love interest in the new Spider-man movie and it is not for the part of Mary Jane.  I cannot verify the authenticity of the following screen test photo but I like the idea of brining in a Spider-Mobile.

Given that Sam Raimi sort of combined the MJ and Gwen stories with the bridge scene in the first movie, my vote is for Black Cat.  Her aggressive sexuality paired with Peter Parker’s innocence makes a great dynamic.

Spider-man Better Bulk Up

If this pre-production artistic mock-up is any indication, Andrew Garfield had better start bulking up.  Not in the muscles, but in the head and gut.

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