Buffy Font – Subtly Geek

Just came across this geeky t-shirt courtesy of @grattonboy and @dasaples.

It is featured in a list of 40 geek shirts here.

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Social Media: Emergency Fail / Smarten Up Whedonesque

Just came across this post on Whedonesque: Who will Joss Whedon kill in the ‘Avengers’ movie?

Over a month ago I posted Which Avenger Will Die?

Epic Fail on my part, I would say.  I have not blipped that radar.  C’mon, people, I need some advice here.  How do I crack that nut?  A community that gets behind a long dead TV show with such fervor should want to support a little independent writer / Joss Whedon nut like me.  Spread the word.

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed in Whedonesque.  The ability to join which then gives you the ability to participate in the commenting has been shut down for a very long time.  It is disappointing to see something like this being exclusionary.  The reason stated is resource issues, which I guess I can understand to a certain degree, but responding to it by closing things off will hurt this site in the long-term.  So those of you in my position who cannot participate in the Whedonesque magic, I invite you to use my site as a place for B-List commenters.

Anyone?  Hello?

Joker Ollies Over Batman

This is awesome:

Much thanks to AICN for the Behind the Scenes pic.

A week ago I found myself in the extremely rare situation of having the house to myself for an entire night as wife and kids were visiting family.  Oh, how to spend this fleeting period of freedom?

  • Go to a bar
  • PS3
  • Mow the lawn
  • Go see The A-Team
  • Sleep

Then I stumbled upon the answer.  Something I literally had not done since moving into my new house 2 years prior.  Watch a violent Blu-ray on my HD TV with the surround sound blasting.  To rent or re-watch was an easy choice….enter The Dark Knight.  I still can’t get over how great this movie is.  I actually had a tear in my eye and a knot in my gut as it ended, just thinking about how amazing it is.

It is a shame to lose such talent as Heath Ledger, but I pretty much assume that any actor that can reach that level of talent must be troubled.  I don’t think this was really a blow to The Dark Knight follow-up, thought.  I don’t think you do another Joker in this series – The Dark Knight is just too perfect.

What this also makes me think about is the recent announcement that Ed Norton will not play Bruce Banner in The Avengers.  This is a big loss.  Norton is another amazing acting talent and without him The Incredible Hulk would have been lame instead of decent.  Movies like Spider-man (1&2) and The Dark Knight have continually raised the bar for superhero movies and X-Men and X2 really showed how to handle an ensemble cast in a way that you don’t lose the story for all the characters (X-Men 3 showed how to suck it big time).  The Avengers is in a unique position of having a number of movies to fall back on, but it still needs to rely on the strength of its actors in order to bring the characters to life on screen without the benefit of full focus on any one character.  Losing someone like Ed Norton (no disrespect to whoever steps in) is huge, no matter how you slice it.

Not that I’m worried, though.  With Joss Whedon at the helm there is nothing that can diminish my excitement for The Avengers.