Everyone who watched “Lost” to the end should watch “Dollhouse”

I just finished watching episode 2×10 of Dollhouse.  Wow.  Very impressive.  The last few episodes have gone very sci-fi, what with the emergence of a doll as  a person (Echo), crazy tree trips and the descent and revival from The Attic.

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Dollhouse 2×01 “Vows” and 2×02 “Instinct”

The following quote from Topher in episode 2 of season 2 inspired me to this post:

The human mind is like Van Halen. If you just pull out one piece and keep replacing it, it just degenerates.

Season 2 starts with a few new and interesting trends.

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Dollhouse 1×12: “Omega”

And there you have it.  A great season finale.  Alpha and Echo embark upon a Matrixesque journey to Whoamiville (for those not following along, I just referenced The Matrix and How the Grinch Stole Christmas).

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Dollhouse Promotional Photos – How Naked Are Your Dolls?

Dollhouse did some … uh, interesting things with promotional photos.  Not sure they hit the mark on everything, but there is definitely a lot to look at.

I like this one and Eliza Dushku looks almost normal, you know, in a TV star kind of way.

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Dollhouse 1×11: “Briar Rose”

Alan Tudyk is really great in this episode.  His bumbling hippie stoner character in this episode cranks the fun up to 11.  The way that he and Ballard play off of each other is great.

This is like one of those buddy cop movies where you’re the hardnosed FBI agent and I’m the guy who hates buddy cop movies.

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Dollhouse 1×08: “Needs”

The dolls are escaping!!  I was happy to see the conceit that the escape was being encouraged and allowed because, really, that drama could not have been strung out with so many holes to poke in it.  That being said, it was still too easy for the dolls to get out given that only a precious few employees were in the know.


I am going to shoot stuff up aggressively


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Dollhouse – It Is Time

I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan.  Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse.  Buffy, Toy Story, Alien, Serenity.  Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  Television,  Movies, Comic Books, Internet, Musicals.  Avengers!!!!  Excuse me, I need a moment to myself.

Okay, that’s better.  I liked Dollhouse a lot when it started, and I really like it in the middle of the first season, and I really, really liked it when it ended.  I didn’t quite fall in love with it, but I think it is just that I wouldn’t let myself.  The writing was on the wall.  Joss’s “second chance” with full confidence and backing was about as reliable as a promise from Ethan Rayne.

Don’t even get me started about Firefly….I blame myself entirely (well, I blame my wife 20%).  I was so skeptical of the premise and my wife was against anything sci-fi.  And anything sci-fi on a Friday night.  Okay, so I blame my wife 90%.  But I should have fought harder.

Anyway, I decided to bank season 2.  I knew what was happening.  No future for you, and all that.  Plus I live in Canada and my igloo does not register on the American “should we keep it or cancel it” scale.  Now, many many month later I’m ready to go back to the well.  I’m starting at the beginning.  That’s season 1, episode 1, for those that can’t keep up.  I’m going to watch it.  I’m going to write about it.  I’m going to hold my breath and pray for 2012, when the Avengers movie will save the world from Roland Emmerich.