New Serenity – Online, Free and Cool


Hey hey, USA Today, way to get on board with something cool.  Serenity: Downtime is an exclusive, online comic that is being made available free via USA Today.

With panels like this, how can you go wrong?


The Killing Lego

Came across this thanks to Live For Films and just had to post it in honour of my life long friend at Blogmented.  The Killing Joke was such a great book with amazing art.  The over the top crazy Joker was amazing.

So of course it makes sense to re-enact this with Lego:

Nice, but could have had a bigger production budget for the set.

What Will Hawkeye Look Like?

SuperHeroHype has posted this interview with Jeremy Renner in which he states that the Hawkeye costume in the Avengers movie is going to be more based in reality.

That means we are not likely to see this:

What? This is cool!

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Oh, this is nice…like, geek nice

Thank you SuperHeroHype, this is awesome.  I appreciate the up-to-the-minute news briefs on the nerdiness of comic book heroes and movie, it gets a little boring when that is all you provide.  Don’t just be SNN.

Here we have a great little piece on 20 Epic Spider-man Moments.  Nice!  It covers more than just the movie medium.  Nice!  It mentions Kraven’s Last Hunt, one of the best mini-series ever.  Nice!

Did I mention I like this?  Do more.  Please.

Sweet Comic Book Posters

I don’t want to take any credit here as I came across these at Live for Films, but there are two sets of posters featured there that I really love.  Click on the poster below to see more from that series.

Which Avenger Will Die?

I was having a conversation in my head about this article, arguing whether or not I thought China Miéville was a pompous wind-bag with regards to his JJ Abrahms comments.  I started thinking about my own history with Star Trek.  I have watched most of the movies and watched a fair bit of TNG and Voyageur, but I never have considered myself a fan.  Let’s explore that for a moment.

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Ultimate Spider-man Series Good?

I’m a little late to the game on this announcement, but I was on vacation.  Ultimate Spider-man is being turned into an animated series.

I have mixed feelings about this.  As a huge Spider-man fan my initial thought is that more Spider-man is always good.  This blog has a great summary of Spider-man’s media history.

As for comic books, Ultimate Spider-man was the most successful, quality re-imagining of an A-List superhero since Frank Miller altered the course of Batman with The Dark Knight Returns.  There were no drastic changes to the Spider-man lore but the modern day setting and the amazing writing just made everything feel fresh.  The early foibles of Peter Parker / Spider-man in which he continually is being unmasked by bad guys was brilliant.

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Buffy Drink

Cheers to Jones soda for avoiding the clichéd jokes in their Buffy the Vampire Slayer limited edition series.

I don’t think it would be appropriate, though, for me to drink the Root Beer.

Avengers Be Assembling

I’m trying not to get too excited about this, but the pics from ComicCon have given me a raging nerd-on:

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Stop Exploiting Spider-man

He is arguably the most recognized superhero of all time (top 3 for sure).  He helped popularize superhero movies and prove their blockbuster potential.  He continues to dominate the comic book industry.  He never stops working, and he does it all for us.  Take away the popularity, the fame, the millions of dollars, the place in pop-culture history and you can plainly see that action is his only reward.  Let’s give him another reward.  Let’s think of something truly fitting.  No, no, he already has a lunch box.

C’mon people – this is not how you honour Spider-man.  A broadway show?  A musical?  U2?  No no no no no no no.  Wrong.  Bad!  Don’t make me have to rub your nose in it yelling “look what you did!”.  Just stop now an we’ll pretend like you never started.