Kevin Smith surprises me by having something more to say

Kevin Smith, writer and director of such movies as Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl and Mallrats (still my favourite) has always had a lot to say, which is reflected by the amount of dialogue that can be found in his movies.  Over the years Kevin has found other outlets for his voice, allowing him to say more and more (or in some cases say the same thing more often).

It started with his View Askew message board where he was able to connect directly with his fans (and they with him) which is a fundamental reason for the loyalty and rabidness of his fan base, I’m sure.  Providing that sort of access for fans really helped fans to feel that much closer to the View Askewniverse that Kevin created.

Next Kevin began embarking upon speaking engagements (also referred to as Q&As), travelling to auditoriums to tell stories and answer questions. Through his writing and directing we saw Kevin’s creativity and passion. Through his on-screen performance we saw Kevin’s love of film but limited acting ability (sorry, but great try). In this new forum we really got to know Kevin Smith, the personality. I’m sure I’m not the only one who, in viewing the first An Evening with Kevin Smith DVD, was surprised at how engaging Kevin was standing in front of an audience and just talking.  His talent for storytelling comes to the forefront in a way not seen in his movies.  These speaking engagements have continue over the years, resulting in 3 DVD collections and an appearance at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Viewed from the perspective of Kevin’s love of public speaking, SModcast is akin to a junkie moving to a harder drug for a bigger high. With the podcast Kevin removed the need for an audience, a venue and travel. From the comfort of his own home on his own schedule he could talk as much as he wanted. And once again, it was (and is) very engaging. Kevin and partner Scott Mosier (not in a gay way, mostly) talk about their history, film making and general bullshit. It is quite entertaining and very often laugh-out-loud funny.  Kevin and Scott now take SModcast on the road quite a bit, which has mostly replaced the “evening with” series.

Then came Twitter. Oh the Twitter, oh the humanity. In keeping with the addict motif, this is the crack cocaine and the heroin mixed together, and for me it was the overdose. There is only so much of one person’s thoughts I can take and with Twitter piled on top of SModcast I felt like I was being bombarded with more of Kevin’s thoughts than my own. I peruse his Twitter feed from time to time, but I just cannot follow on a regular basis.

When Kevin created the SModcast network I was all for it. Tell ’em Steve Dave is really funny and Malcolm Ingram has his moments, for sure. I look forward to seeing what other talented, funny people he can help give a forum to. When it expanded to Highlands: A Peephole History and Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, however, I became skeptical. This shift back to Kevin as the focus seemed unnecessary and self-serving. How many hours a week of one person does the world need?  Did we not learn anything from CSI: Miami? I know, I know, I’m not forced to listen, which is exactly why it has taken me a while to get around to sampling some of the new stuff.

So finally this past week I fired up Jay & Silent Bob Get Old Episode 1: Behind the Mewesic, fully expecting SModcast the sequel, with Jason Mewes instead of Scott Mosier.  I was surprised that despite the familiar format the topic of conversation was significantly different.  The focus of the podcast is a frank discussion about Jason’s long time battle with substance abuse and addiction.    There are a lot of funny and entertaining stories to guide the listener through Jason’s drug history, but in no way is his drug use ever glorified.  There are many heartfelt moments discussing the fears and hardships and emotional conflict from both sides.  Jason’s willingness to lay it all on the table and be completely honest is incredible but at no time does the discussion or any underlying message come across as preachy.

As is Kevin’s gift, this is a wonderful instance of personal story telling, but with the admirable purpose of giving the listener insight into the world of drug addiction, obviously with the hope of educating people and help them to avoid the same struggle.  I have gained new respect for Kevin Smith (dick and fart jokes with a purpose!) and I applaud he and Jason Mewes for this little bit of Edutainment.  I am two episodes in and look forward to more.

As for the rest of the SModcast network, well, I will have to get back to you.

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