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DC/Marvel Central is a great site with information on many popular superheros.  A lot of fun historical information given as well as up to date information on comics and movie news.  I will be checking in on this site on a regular basis.

Recently updated with a Green Lantern page!


Green Lantern or Footloose?

More photos of Green Lantern (kind of)

If I didn’t know any better I would think this is a promo shot for the Footloose remake.

“Yes, I am that serious about dancing.”

– Ryan Reynolds

I can’t confirm the source of this next photo, so make of it what you will.

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

First seen by me at SuperHeroHype:

Great image.  Hard to know how to feel about the movie as not much info will be available, but I think this will probably be along the lines of Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man, which should be great.  I’m a big Ryan Reynolds fan, so this followed by Deadpool (the real Deadpool, not that crap in Wolverine) will hopefully be a fun one-two-punch of comicy-RR goodness.