Superchunk Fan Fiction

This came out of recently listening to a great episode of Comedy Death-Ray Radio starring Ted Leo, Aimee Mann, Paul F. Tompkins and Jon Wurster.

A funny, off-hand comment mentioned the idea of Superchunk Fan Fiction.  I’m not a big fan of fan fiction, but this could be fun.

Dear Diary,

I never thought it would happen to me! Tonight, fantasy became reality.

I was walking down York Street at about 9pm at night, just passing Call The Office, when I stumbled upon a treasure chest of musical wonder. I glanced down the side alley of the club and saw four shadowy figures going in the side entrance. Normally I would have thought nothing of it and kept going, but a shadowy thought in my mind gave me pause. There was something familiar about those figures.

I did a quick 180 and within two minutes I was inside the club. The $5 cover and 5 other patrons suggested nothing of importance was going on, but I kept following my gut. I hit the bar for a Blue Light and grabbed a table right in front of the stage which seemed all prepped for a band. Three Blue Lights later I was starting to doubt fate, but then the lights went dark.

When the lights came up and the first notes of Certain Stars began to play I found myself staring straight at the muscular physique of Jim. I have to admit that I literally began screaming like a twelve-year-old girl at a Bieber concert.

As Certain Stars came to a crashing close I finally stopped screaming and sat there trying to catch my breath. After a short while it dawned on me that Jon, Jim, Mac and Laura were all just looking at me expectantly. I felt confused, but once more followed my instincts and shouted out Honey Bee. Two seconds later they started playing Honey Bee and I almost fainted.

For the next hour the greatest band ever continued to play every song I requested, even the cover Girl You Want! I was so engrossed in this seemingly private concert, but finally I caught onto the fact that I was surrounded by a roaring crowd. The club was packed to capacity and the crowd was going insane with rock!

Jon grabbed the mic and yelled “get up here”. I knew he was talking to me, but I wasn’t sure I could believe it. The crowd roared and lifted me up on stage. I ran around to the back of the drum kit and saw that Jon had set up a second drum stool right in front of him.

Remember that scene in Ghost? Yes, THAT scene. Well it was like that, only instead of clay it was Tiny Bombs. We tandem played the stuffing out of that kit, and by the end of the song we were both in tears.

I rushed to the washroom to compose myself and when I returned the stage was empty. They were gone. I almost would have believed it didn’t happen if it weren’t for the hundreds of satisfied faces slowly making their way out of the club. I went back to my table to find my jacket and found a band photo sitting there waiting for me. It was signed by all four members of the band along with a simple message to me. “Thanks”


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