Everyone who watched “Lost” to the end should watch “Dollhouse”

I just finished watching episode 2×10 of Dollhouse.  Wow.  Very impressive.  The last few episodes have gone very sci-fi, what with the emergence of a doll as  a person (Echo), crazy tree trips and the descent and revival from The Attic.

I was starting to think “ah, this is why they cancelled it … too much nerd sauce”, though I suspect it is the other way around and the writing was on the wall so they went full balls.  But this story has come back around in so many ways it is inspirationally impressive, and, well, not that surprising, I guess, because … Joss Whedon.  I’m on the edge of my seat and I can’t wait for more.

Boyd is still a badass

Lost stunk.  The first half of season 1 was very inventive and intriguing and engaging.  And then it did not pay off.  I gave up in Season 2.  Around the start of the final season I tried to pick back up where I left off as everyone said it gets better.  It did get better, but in the same way that one type of crap is slightly better than another (I cannot be bothered to flush out this analogy).  And then it ended, and everything I read made me give thanks for the many hours of my life that were saved by not watching it.

So here I am, with two episodes and an epitaph 2 to complete, and I’m totally psyched.  The writing and directing and acting has all been top notch.  What seemed like a cool but weak premise has turned into an awesome show that I’m glad is going to end.

Wait, whaaaaaat?!

Yes, I’m glad it is ending.  Every great story has an ending and while this one may be ending sooner than it needed to, it is a blessing that it saw the ending coming and could meet it head on.  Movies do not go on forever, and the best ones are tightly edited, with the fat removed and the story lean and powerful.  A series with a long run has too much room for bloat.  I say 5-6 seasons max, and map it out ahead of time.

Which is  kind of funny, because Lost tried to do that.  After all the backlash on its crappiness in seasons 2 and 3 it made a drastic decision of shortened seasons with a definite end.  It was like they had a plan in place.  But I digress, again.


Fun and exciting guest stars!


So anyone who watched Lost thinking it was the penultimate in TV mystery should watch Dollhouse in its entirety and see how it is really done.  Right now.


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