Dollhouse 1×11: “Briar Rose”

Alan Tudyk is really great in this episode.  His bumbling hippie stoner character in this episode cranks the fun up to 11.  The way that he and Ballard play off of each other is great.

This is like one of those buddy cop movies where you’re the hardnosed FBI agent and I’m the guy who hates buddy cop movies.

This really highlights for me the fact that Dollhouse does not have the level of levity that we typically see in Joss Whedon’s shows.  Sure, there are funny moments, but the overall tone is always so serious.  Topher is the only real “light” character, but his role is so limited that it keeps the comedy limited as well.  I, for one, prefer my seriousness to be not so serious.

So many things happen in this episode that I did not expect, but none of them disappoint.  I figured Ballard would be the hero and instead he gets captured.  Plus, after his great throw-down with Boyd (and reflecting upon the lessons learned in “Needs”) I surprisingly came to side with the Dollhouse in that he can’t rescue Caroline/Echo.

The best moment, of course, is the big reveal, bringing us back around to the awesomeness of Tudyk.  A great “jump” moment in itself, but seeing the physical transformation from sniveling sidekick to Alpha is impressive.  I never realized Wash was so buff!

I had to force myself to not watch the final episode and get some sleep, but it was a tough call.  I cannot wait to see where this ends up.


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