Dollhouse Promotional Photos – How Naked Are Your Dolls?

Dollhouse did some … uh, interesting things with promotional photos.  Not sure they hit the mark on everything, but there is definitely a lot to look at.

I like this one and Eliza Dushku looks almost normal, you know, in a TV star kind of way.


This one makes sense, but you cannot fool me into thinking she has a penis.


Why is everyone staring at me?


Does this skintight outfit make my gun look big?

So far I like all of these (well, maybe not the staring one), and they work with the theme of the show.

I'm stuck behind steamy glass in my underwear?


I've fallen and I can't get my top on?


Skinny dipping?

Don’t get me wrong, these are nice photos, but there are a reason why these “promo” (wow, that word looks a lot like “porno” right now) photos do not have the show’s name on them, and that would be because they have nothing to do with the show.  Perhaps they were planning a spin-off where Echo does on one long naked engagement.


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