Dollhouse 1×12: “Omega”

And there you have it.  A great season finale.  Alpha and Echo embark upon a Matrixesque journey to Whoamiville (for those not following along, I just referenced The Matrix and How the Grinch Stole Christmas).

Given the themes of the show it makes sense that the question of “what makes me me” would be analyzed in depth.  The writers to a great job, however, of integrating this into the flow and action of the episode, so it does not come across as heavy-handed or pandering.  No sit downs with the Wizard of Oz here (how does he keep doing that?).

The “bad guy slips out the back and lives to return in another season” trick felt a bit anti-climactic, given all the effort spent to get in and out of the Dollhouse, but not a big sticking point.

Of course, for me it is all about Ballard, and he did not disappoint.  Working side-by-side with his new buddy Boyde he helps to uncover Alpha’s past and shed some light on why he has gone haywire.  And like the true badass he is he sets aside all of his past feelings about the Dollhouse and agrees to work for them.  I still cannot figure out how they pulled of the switcheroo on this one, but great job.

As the season ends, so do my episode musings.  It was a fun writing exercise, but surprisingly nobody seems interested in episode recaps of shows that aired 2 years ago from a series that was cancelled 1 year ago.  Go figure. People always ask me why I don’t do this for current shows, where the interest level would be higher.  I just can’t watch television shows “live”.  I can’t take the stress of the possibility of being interrupted (certainty, actually, thanks to my kids).
I will probably check in as I power my way through season 2, for completeness sake.

At least with The Avengers we know how many movies to expect (one).  I don’ t know if I could take another Joss Whendon TV show.  It is hard on the heart.


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