Social Media: Part 4 – Triond

I came across Triond while doing some general social media Googling.  Here is my somewhat sad profile.

Triond provides the ability for a user to submit articles to be posted on various other blogs and sites.  The articles can be of any topic, though Triond must approve them.  The user has no control over where the articles get posted, but you know where it is so that you can promote it.  Based upon the sort of traffic your articles get you will get paid.

I knew that this was not going to help very much with promoting One Good Minute but I thought I could link to it from my Triond profile.  I was intrigued to see how the system worked and what the payout seemed to be, so I gave it a shot.

In the month of August I submitted 5 articles that were “published” on family and writing related topics.  A few were original and a few were reworked from this blog (which I later discovered is a no-no).

I did the usual basic self promotion (Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook) and ended up with 72 views, making me a profit of $1.03.

It hardly seems worth it, but there are more factors at play here than just a poorly paying freelance writing “gig”.

The Good:

More exposure in different places for my fledgling online writing career

  • I have made a couple of contacts that could be useful in the realm of online self promotion, if I want to go down that path
  • An outlet for articles that I don’t feel fit with the vibe of One Good Minute
  • A free coffee (if I can get Tim Horton’s to accepted payment from my PayPal account)

The Bad:

  • Payment is not really for the writing, but for the traffic generated.  So for every 15 minutes I spend on writing I should be spending hours on promoting and trying to up my views.
  • The sites that the articles get posted to are basically ad banner pages with a bit of writing on it.  I really don’t like seeing my writing surrounded by all of that ad content, as though I am part of the endorsement.  These sites are just making money off of the traffic and paying out a pittance to the “writers” who are really just traffic generators.
  • Triond itself is a “pyramid” organization.  I did not even realize it at the time, but apparently I signed up under someone’s referral, which means under them I am potentially generating $$ for them (enjoy your cut of my $1.03).  So if I want to make the big bucks I guess I need to grow my pyramid.


Triond is not about the writing, it is about generating traffic to increase ad revenue.  I don’t really want to be a part of that.  When I started this post I was poking around at my Triond profile and thinking about how to increase my earnings, but now that I have really thought this through I have definitely changed my mind.

I am now updating my profile to remove the connection to One Good Minute and reality in general.  I think I am going to submit an article about crappy pyramid sites and see if it gets through.  Perhaps I can make some money by publishing sarcastic, cynical articles poking fun at Triond.  I will keep you posted on this new experiment.


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