“In Snow” – An iPhone Picture Poem

I’m too dumb to figure out a slideshow, so we’re doing it old style.  Scroll away and enjoy the day London got dumped on (actually, this is just day one).



BBQ in Snow


Car in Snow


Shovel in Snow



Kid and Shovel in Snow


Dog in Snow


Dog and Kid in Snow (with house)


Neighbourhood in Snow


Trapped in Snow?


Fun in Snow!!


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2 Responses to “In Snow” – An iPhone Picture Poem

  1. Anthony says:

    And I thought we had it bad with 8 inches! BTW slideshow is exactly the same way you insert images, edit your post > click add image or photo (whatever) > select from Gallery tab > and scroll towards the bottom, it will have two buttons one that says insert gallery and one that says insert slideshow. It’ll will look like this [slideshow] Here’s an example! http://toofartony.wordpress.com/2010/12/01/its-no-joke/

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