This is how my people rolled in the 50’s

This is fun.  You know, in a non-sarcastic kind of way.  This picture features my dad (left) dressed as Davy Crockett and my Aunt along for the ride, circa 1955.  Full explanation from my dad below (after the jump), which is a great tale of inspiration and creativity leading to fame and old photographs.  Oh damn, I made it sarcastic anyway.  Sorry Dad.


Before there was Tubbs


Click for larger view

Your mention of a parade brought all that back to me and reminded me of the “Pet Parade” that was held by the local businessman’s association every year (for a few years). It ran down Mt. Pleasant from Eglinton to Davisville Park. We would decorate our bikes or our dogs. There would be the odd band and a few homegrown “floats”. A few trophies and prizes were awarded at the end. In 1955 on Walt Disney’s TV show Disneyland, they featured stories about Davy Crockett, the famous Indian fighter and explorer of the Mississippi and “the wild frontier”. He and his famous coon skin cap became a cult classic. He was known as “King of the Wild Frontier” and had a song written about him which can still be heard on YouTube. That year my friends & I built a “covered wagon” with a horse to pull it. We put a wind up record player inside playing the song. I got a coon skin cap, a musket and a western style leather jacket as did my friend. I was Davy Crockett and he was George Russell, my sidekick. My youngest sister dressed in her ballet costume was the pioneer woman in the front of the wagon. We paraded down Mt. Pleasant with all the other kids, bikes and dogs etc. When we reached Davisville Park, low and behold, they called us up on stage and presented us with the first place trophy. We had no idea. I attach a photo of the “float”.


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