Worst Superchunk Song Ever

Over the past few weeks there has been an outcry by my loyal readers regarding the objectivity displayed by my work in the Superchunk field.  It is felt that my articles indicate a heavy bias and therefore invalidate the results of my research.

The following definition comes from dictionary.com

not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased: an objective opinion.

Obviously it is impossible to prove or disprove objectivity, but just to show how dedicated to objectivity I am I willing write this article that is objective to the opposite extreme.

Candidates for the worst Superchunk song are pretty easy to identify, though it is a rule that you cannot pick from the first album, since obviously every band’s first album is always the worst.

  • What Do I – Any song that you hide on a 7″ and then relegate to a singles collection can’t be any good.
  • Eastern Terminal – So sad.  Just way too sad.  All of that waiting and standing on one leg.  Don’t be such a bummer, Superchunk.
  • Nu Bruises – Spelling still counts, guys (and girl).  Quit making our kids dumber.
  • Swallow That – 6:14 long?  Couldn’t find the stop button?  Rookie mistake.
  • Cursed Mirror – Every time you release an acoustic version we know what you are doing.  Twice as much bad song can’t fool us.
  • Winter Games – Everyone knows that the Summer Games are the better of the games.
  • Phone Sex – It is offensive that you think you could turn me on that easily.  I need pictures!!

And the winner is…..

Shallow End

The Jerky Boys?  Really?

So there you have it.  I can bring the hate just as much as I can bring the love.  Objectivity in action.  Me-crest out.

Now go turn the above list into a killer playlist and enjoy the glory of Superchunk.


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7 Responses to Worst Superchunk Song Ever

  1. john says:

    i thought the worst song was objectively decided years ago when the matter was put to a vote. Marquee was the winner/loser.

    • This is true, but so much has changed since then. New forensic methods have allowed me to analyze songs based on factors outside of just sounds and lyrics. For posterity, though, I should have included this on the list. My bad.

  2. Scott says:

    I fast forward 2 Superchunk songs.

  3. Scott says:

    I fast forward 3 Superchunk songs
    Let it Go: It just sounds forced, but it is early in their career.
    The Question Is How Fast: I don’t really fast forward this one because I like listening to On the Mouth straight through. The beginning is good, but the chorus is too repetitive for me. I like when it’s over. Maybe it is because it is between my two favorite songs from on the Mouth, Untied and Trash Heap. Maybe if it was just in a different order. It has a great EP and love the other two songs on the ep, Forged It and 100,000 Fireflies so it’s got that going for it.
    I’ll Be Your Sister: It’s a cover song so I don’t feel bad.

  4. vicky says:

    i kinda like the superchunk

  5. Baxter says:

    OK Whoever wrote this post is wrong.

    “Nu Bruises” and “Swallow That” are both downright killer and have no business being here whatsoever.

    “What Do I” isn’t awful and “Winter Games” is ok too — definitely not their worst.

    Not sure about “Cursed Mirror”, but the acoustic version of “Low Branches” that is on the same single is actually better than the album version, so that thing about acoustic versions automatically being suspect is wrong also.

    “Shallow End” is a good song til the titular analogy comes in.

    “Every Little Instinct” is the worst song. I really like “Indoor Living” more than a lot of people, but that one is just a dud. They can’t all be classics I guess.

    Hail Superchunk.

    • Everything you say here is correct, except the part about me being wrong. Every song is the best, in its own special way.

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