Best Music of 2010 – She & Him

It is difficult for me to get past my schoolboy crush on Zooey Deschanel and review this album objectively, so I’m not going to even try.

But this is not just about Zooey, we must remember the Him in She & Him and give M. Ward his props as he is also an integral part of Volume Two.  His musical arrangements and backing are as solid as ever on this album and he even adds his voice, such as on Ridin’ in My Car.

As expected, Volume Two is another collection of songs that call back my days as a young child listening to music with my mother.  A throwback to 70’s radio pop,  Ridin’ in My Car encapsulates this feeling best.  The album is also chock-full of songs that make you want to skip through a sprinkler on a hot sunny day, such as In The Sun, Home and Don’t Look Back.  The songs just have such a yippie-skippie feel to them you can’t help but want to like them.

In the end, though, it is Zooey’s haunting voice that keeps me coming back.  With songs like Brand New Shoes and Me and You her voice is like an echo in my head that keeps getting louder instead of softer.  If Zooey ever does a duet with Neko Case I fear that my head will explode.

As always, much thanks to M. Ward for “discovering” this unknown talent.