Best Music of 2010 – Spoon

Always exciting to have a year with new albums from both Spoon and The New Pornographers (it happened in 2007 and2005).  Throw in the fact that there is a new Superchunk album due in the fall and this is the most exciting music year for me in ages.

So what do we get from Spoon’s Transference?

In short, a lot of Spoony goodness.  This album has the same strength of song writing/crafting as 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga but trends more towards the arty/indie side of Spoon and away from the overt poppyness found on Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.  The songs are all over the map and yet the album feels very cohesive.

  • Great “space jams” with Mystery Zone, Who Makes Your Money and Nobody Gets Me But You.
  • Trademark relentlessly driving “chugga-chugga” tunes that drive my wife crazy, like Is Love Forever?, Trouble Comes Running and Got Nuffin.
  • Calmly soft tracks like Goodnight Laura and Out Go The Lights.
  • My favourite is the crunchy, marching Written In Reverse which classically turns the piano into part of the percussion section.

If you like Spoon, you will find the usual greatness in Transference.  If you don’t, well I will just have to assume that you didn’t listen to it.  Spoon remains in top form and continue to make interesting and entertaining music.