Superchunk Live in Toronto

I went to a Superchunk show this week. It still seems weird and exciting to me. I think I just assumed that I was at the point in my life that I didn’t go to shows any more. Anyway, enough about me. First, the facts (and then more about me later):

  • Superchunk played at the Sound Academy in Toronto
  • It was December 9, 2010
  • They were opening for Broken Social Scene
  • Doors opened at 8pm, Superchunk went on at 9pm and played until 10pm
  • The two photos below from the show were taken with my iPhone and then run through Instagram to try to hide the shoddiness

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Superchunk Secrets Revealed – Just What Are We To Be Skipping?

Reading this short and sweet interview with Laura Ballance of Superchunk you will find a few fun facts about classic albums No Pocky for Kitty and On The Mouth, which have recently been reissued.  But the standout insight comes midway through the article:

Do you have a favorite song on the album?
Probably “Skip Steps 1 and 3″ because the lyrics bring back a lot of memories from the tour leading up to the album. By the way, step one is talking about doing something, step two is doing it, and step three is talking about what you just did.

This is HUGE (at least, to me it is).  An actual bit of knowledge about a Superchunk song is a rare find as the bands approach is very much the “it is what you want it to be” motto of Pretty Woman.

So here are the actual song lyrics for the chorus:

Hit the gas straight on

Go through the lights

Go through the trees

Skip steps 1 and 3

Skip steps 1 and 3

My logical analysis of this song all these years was always that the chorus was telling me to just “go through the lights”, even though I knew it did not make much sense.  None of the other lyrics lend themselves to the idea of a list in which you would skip steps 1 and 3.

So now we find that the true meaning of the song is to just do it.  I love it.  Tom Scharpling loves it.  Henry Rollins loves it.

Now I’m off to listen to No Pocky for Kitty, and probably the rest of the albums for the rest of the day.

Happy Superchunk Day!!