I wish I could have stuck with Smallville (a.k.a. I wish it didn’t turn to such suck)

This older promo picture is pretty cool, like most promo pictures for Smallville, but it suffers from the same affliction as the show: all flash no substance.

The latest cool promo picture is at the end of the post, but first let us look at exactly what Smallville is (and try to figure out how it has lasted 10 seasons).

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Zack Snyder’s Superman? Best Idea Yet!

SuperHeroHype has posted a story stating that Zack Snyder will be directing the next Superman reboot.

When the rumours were flying around about Kevin Smith’s Superman, I was excited at the prospect of what he would do with it but in no way thought it would be an amazing super hero movie. Which is I guess why it didn’t happen (Smith tells a very funny story about it on one of the Evening With DVDs).

Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns sounded like such a great approach. A sequel to the Richard Donner movies (Superman and Superman II) with Kevin Spacey as Lex! Awesome. Alas, it was a big budget snorefest. Too much homage, not enough original thought. Other than the airplane scene in Superman Returns, which was completely awesome, I think I prefer the sequel with Richard Pryor.

This scene is awesome! Sorry about the rest.

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