What to make of the Red State teaser

Let us start with the meat.  Here is  a lowly YouTube version.  Hit up SModcast for better viewing options.


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Red State – Can Kevin Smith Redefine Indie Filmmaking Again?

This post over at Live for Films with a great pic of John Goodman got me going on Kevin Smith again, but let’s start with a pic.


This is not John Goodman, so click to see John Goodman


I am loving the Red State of the Union podcasts with Kevin Smith (part of the SModcast network).  It is much more than just a way to promote his latest film.  It is a film making clinic in which he brings in different people who have worked on this film and talks about the film making process.  The passion expressed by his coworkers bolsters my excitement for this movie.

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SHIELD Hellicarrier Concept Art

Here is what Joss Whedon will be flying around in as he films The Avengers:

Bigger and more pics at io9.

It would be cool if Joss took the Serenity approach and built the actual ship, but I guess that is not likely as this will only be one of many locations, as opposed to the primary location with Firefly and Serenity.