Movie Review: The Losers Eek Out A Win

The Losers delivered exactly what I was expecting.  A fun action movie that was relatively faithful to the comic series.  I guess I could say that I was a little disappointed that it did not have the impact of the comic book, but that disappointment came when the movie was released and I could tell from the reviews that it was the case, not from watching it this weekend.  Did that just make any sense?

This image basically sums up the movie.  Flashy comic book style coolness.  I like that aspect of the movie.  The comic bookiness was actually more subtle in the movie than this poster suggests.  It felt like it might have been toned down to try to not alienate audiences, but I like the way they brought the original comic book artwork style into the flow of the film through various transitions.

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Red State – Can Kevin Smith Redefine Indie Filmmaking Again?

This post over at Live for Films with a great pic of John Goodman got me going on Kevin Smith again, but let’s start with a pic.


This is not John Goodman, so click to see John Goodman


I am loving the Red State of the Union podcasts with Kevin Smith (part of the SModcast network).  It is much more than just a way to promote his latest film.  It is a film making clinic in which he brings in different people who have worked on this film and talks about the film making process.  The passion expressed by his coworkers bolsters my excitement for this movie.

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Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heros may not get Movie’s Mightiest Budget

Interesting article on those holding the purse  strings for the Avengers movie.  Apparently there are concerns over budget and they may want to reign things in.  Coming on the heels of the announcement that MGM has filed for bankruptcy, it is hard to imagine there is not some coincidence.

I understand the budget concerns as no movie is typically a guarantee.  On the other hand, the build up to this movie is unlike anything ever seen.  They are assembling more than just big name actors, but also big name movies. Stringing together multiple blockbuster movies into a crescendo like this is innovative and aggressive at a James Cameron or George Lucas level.  It truly is taking things to the next level at a time when that sort of  creativity seems to only be found in indie movies (milking the 3D craze definitely does not count as creative).  So come on, you have to stand behind it and give it a real shot.

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