L’il Zombies

Some of the funnest movies come from putting a horror slant on a simple thing.

  • Horror + Comedy = Shawn of the Dead or Zombieland
  • Horror + Animals = Piranha
  • Horror + Dolls = Child’s Play
  • Horror + Children = Children of the Corn

Now I know that last one has been done before, but I have a new take on it.  I figure that I had better jump on it before Romero tears through it as he attempts to supersaturate the zombie movie genre to the point of no return.

Zombies + Children

Not just that one child zombie that makes you jump and then feel bad for child poverty.  All child zombies, all the time.

I did not feel I had time for a spec script, so I went ahead and shot a scene.

I call it L’il Zombies.