Join My Alliance

In an effort to increase the visibility of my blog I am looking for like-minded independent bloggers who want to join forces. Apparently this is referred to as a Blog Ring, and since I’m not a big fan of the word Blog, the term Blog Ring sounds hideous. So to avoid it I created Indie Posit.

I am looking for indie bloggers with similar sensibilities. You like to write about a wide range of topics, are passionate about getting yourself out there and are doing this out of love, not just trying to make an easy buck (this is called the “action is your reward” clause).

We will work together to promote ourselves and each other under a common umbrella. We are just getting started and the more the nerdier (my iPhone just auto corrected “merrier to nerdier … It knows me too well).

If you are interested leave me a comment below or contact me on Twitter.


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