Movie Review: The Losers Eek Out A Win

The Losers delivered exactly what I was expecting.  A fun action movie that was relatively faithful to the comic series.  I guess I could say that I was a little disappointed that it did not have the impact of the comic book, but that disappointment came when the movie was released and I could tell from the reviews that it was the case, not from watching it this weekend.  Did that just make any sense?

This image basically sums up the movie.  Flashy comic book style coolness.  I like that aspect of the movie.  The comic bookiness was actually more subtle in the movie than this poster suggests.  It felt like it might have been toned down to try to not alienate audiences, but I like the way they brought the original comic book artwork style into the flow of the film through various transitions.

There were some classic scenes from the comic book, this one being my favourite:

On the other hand, the first fight scene between Clay and Aisha was also faithful to the comic but still makes no sense to me.

Why am I fighting you? I want to hire you.

Ultimately it was the depth of the characters that kept this movie from really kicking ass.  I loved all the actors and they gave solid performances, but the movie kept all of the characters so cool and professional that there was no way to heighten the tension through an emotional connection.  This is right from the opening scene when the group realizes that two dozen children are in danger.  Clay’s smirk and bravado doesn’t waver as they spring into action, the reaction not in line with the gravity of the situation.  When the mission shifts from simply pointing a camera to saving the lives of children the characters don’t shift with it, so the audience is kept at the surface of the story.  When the opening scene comes to a horrific conclusion the Losers and the Audience are all very ho-hum about it.

As the Losers make each decision to dive deeper into danger it is always with the same lack of emotional intensity and so the movie is kept at the level of shallow thrill ride.   But still a really fun shallow thrill ride with fun characters and a lot of Zoe Saldana’s ass.


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