Movies I Am Excited To Watch in 2011

In the backwards world that I live in 2011 is my chance to watch all of the movies in 2010 that I was (and still am) excited about.  I typically only go to the movies twice a year and save those viewings for the big blockbusters I am excited about.  In 2010 I only got to see Iron Man 2.  Well, I also saw Tangled with my daughter, which was a great movie, but does not count as it was not on MY list.

Scouring the boxing week sales I was able to find my top 4 “2010 want to watch” movies on Blu-ray for a great deal.  Now I just have to find times when my wife and daughters are otherwise occupied so I can actually watch them.  They are:

The Losers

Great comic book and I hear it is a very enjoyable movie.  It is a solid cast, so I know I will not be disappointed.

The A-Team

I loved the show as a kid.  My father would always come in and critisize me for watching it.  His big complaint was that it was crap due to the fact that with all of the shooting and explosions nobody every got shot or killed.  Not realistic enough!  You do not want an 8 year old boy to get the wrong idea.  It is sort of backwards logic as I know he would not have wanted me watching a show full of killing, but I see where he was coming from with regards to the actual consequences of violence.

Anyway, this is one of those “blow shit up” guilty pleasures.  I love over-the-top fantasy violence a la Bay or Bruckheimer.  Plus I love seeing Bradley Cooper continue his rise to the top.


I think this is what I had hoped that Mystery Men was going to be.  I have not read the book but everything I have been told assures me I will love this.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Such a convergence of greatness.  The books are great (and author Bryan Lee O’Malley is from my neck of the woods), Edgar Wright is amazing, Michael Cera is always fun (and also from my neck of the woods) and the rest of the cast is stacked with greatness.

Looking at this list I am still upset that I did not see any of these in the theatre.  I will have to try harder this year.

So what is on my list for 2011?

  • I am excited for both Captain America and Thor in anticipation for the The Avengers in 2012.  Realistically I will only see Captain America (expecially given Joss Whedon‘s involvement with the script).
  • Transformers – I loved the first one and was severely disappointed by the second one, but given proper time to work on the script (the second one was hindered by the writer’s strike) for the third installment I have high hopes.  I saw the first two in theatre so this is pretty much a done deal.
  • Cowboys vs. Aliens – I have not read the books and the premise looks a little hokey, but Favreau is great and so is the cast.  I was not down with the Firefly premise initially and learned my lesson there, so I am keeping an open mind.  I’m guessing I will not make it to the theatre for this one, unless someone more excited about it drags me along.
  • The Green Hornet – I think this will be a lot of fun but it is definitely a Blu-ray watch for me.

Other movies I am excited about but are pretty much gauranteed to be home viewers:

  • Cabin in the WoodsDrew Goddard & Joss Whedon
  • Red StateKevin Smith low budget horror film – should be great
  • Scream 4 – I loved Scream and the sequels were good – I think this will be a strong installment with so much of the same team still involved
  • The Muppets – With Jason Segal and Nick Stoller writing and an amazing comedy cast I think the Muppets will get the sort of respectful approach that we have not seen in decades
  • Paul Nick Frost and Simon Pegg team ups are always gold
  • Super 8JJ killed it with Star Trek and I loved (most of) Alias
  • Hangover 2Zack, Bradley and Ed will surely bring it, I hope the script is strong

Movies that the world is generally excited about that I am not:

  • Green Lantern – I so want to be into this movie but the trailers left me cold
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – Loved 1&2, don’t see the point without Keira Knightley
  • Mission Impossible 4 – None of these have been that good
  • Sherlock Holmes 2 – For whatever reason I have never liked Guy Ritchie movies and Sherlock Holmes was no different

Everything else is in the middle or has not made my radar yet.

By the way, there is a good write-up of the comic book movies of 2011 over at Paste.

Good luck, 2011.  May all your movies be sweet.


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