I wish I could have stuck with Smallville (a.k.a. I wish it didn’t turn to such suck)

This older promo picture is pretty cool, like most promo pictures for Smallville, but it suffers from the same affliction as the show: all flash no substance.

The latest cool promo picture is at the end of the post, but first let us look at exactly what Smallville is (and try to figure out how it has lasted 10 seasons).

I will admit that I quite liked the first few seasons of Smallville.  I am a sucker for a good high school story.  Smallville was much more Dawson’s Creek than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though their “badguy of the week” formula bordered on plagiarism in some instances.

But it was sweet in the beginning and made some fun twists on the mythology and learned to focus in on the characters a little more and the bad guys a little less.  I especially liked the dichotomy of the relationship between Clark and Lex.  They toed the line between friends and enemies quite well for a while.

I quite liked how they played with some of the other DC Universe characters, like Flash or Aquaman.  They shied away from the full out costumes, but kept with the spirit as they had always done with Clark’s clothing.

But alas, high school ended and Smallville went right past Dawson’s Creek and into 90210 territory.  I stuck with it through the end of season 6, but just had to give up.   Once again it came down to the relationships.  The storylines were entertaining.  Green Arrow and Lois and Supergirl.  Good looking people doing fun things.

But the stupid triangles they had to keep creating between Clark, Lana, Lex and the rest of the long-standing characters were so ridiculous and annoying that I could not enjoy the fun stuff.

Now we see a poster for the upcoming final season (from Live for Films, my favourite source for posters) and it looks cool.  We will actually see the suit.  I want to know how it comes to be, but I don’t want to have to put up with the crap.

Can someone please condense all the cool stuff from seasons 7-9 into a 2 hour movie that I can watch (and enjoy) so I can jump back into this final season?  I will pay you.  For real.


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