Let’s Declare December 29th International “Be Rotten” Day

In the build up to Christmas there are a lot of “be good or Santa wont come” threats in my house.  For the most part I do not feel that it has any effect, but it is good to get the kids thinking about the consequences of their behaviour (my 4 year old kept telling my 1 year old that she would receive a rock).

Operating under the assumption that one’s behaviour is in fact influenced by the powers of Santa, then December 1-24 is a month of exceptionally good behaviour.  Each box of the advent calendar gives your soul a little extra boost of Christmas cheer.

Is it even possible to misbehave on Christmas Day?  Showered with the rewards of good behaviour and surrounded by loving friends and family, all of your good will towards man comes pouring out.

Boxing Day is a bit of a challenge as we come down from the ultimate high, but that feeling of happiness and thankfulness is sustained by the reminders all around us from the wonderful things given to us.

Meanwhile, cleanup at the North Pole is underway.  Santa’s Workshop  must be cleaned up.  Post mortem meetings and budget summaries must be completed while the data is fresh.  Any last minute changes to the Nice / Naughty lists must be committed to the database for next year’s planning.  A three day flurry of activity put a nice little bow on the Christmas season.

Which brings us to December 29th.  Understandably Santa and his crew crash.  A solid day of sleep to recharge is well deserved.  For us humans, this is our chance.  We are exhausted from a year of good behaviour and days of celebrating that behaviour.  Plus, nobody is watching.

So take the day to be truly rotten.  Scowl.  Swear.  Break something.  Be mean (well, not too mean).  Nothing too extreme, mind you.  You still have to obey the law.  But here is your chance to pinch your sister, stick your tongue out at your dad and tease the dog.

Then there are two days left in the year to “forgive and forget” all of the rottenness so you can start the new year off on a clean slate.

Leave a comment here to sign my petition to make International Be Rotten Day officially recognized.  And in the mean time, you are funny looking and your mother likes the dog better than you.


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